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E3 2012 Preview / Predictions

Starts Monday July 4 2012 
Press Conference Time and Dates, With My Predictions

Microsoft will be having the first press conference on Monday starting at 
9:30am PT (This is 12:30pm ET).

What can we expect?
- Exclusive COD: Black Ops2 showing similar to what they did the last 2 years with  Modern Warfare 3 and the original COD: Black Ops. They will also announce they will get first dibs on the DLC...
- More Kinect BS (I'm not a hater of the Kinect, just not of fan of what they did with it so far. I don' know why they are pushing it so hard. Last years E3 that all they talked about and even now i don't see the fascination with it...) 
- Halo 4 Info (lots of it, and in all honestly, it the info wont surprise us in the least.) 
- Something Gears of War related though (rumors point to a prequel to the first one.) i'm pissed from the events of the last one.
- Kinect Price drop (my guess $59.99 $69.99) and more Xbox Bundles
- Addition of more media partners (the few out there that are left) and Live T.V for cable subscribes that don't have Verizon Fios.
- GTA V Preview 

What They Should do....

- Stop boasting about Multi-platform games like Call of Duty (Seriously people these games are old now. IMO they lost there flare that drew people in to play even if they were terrible at them. Activison, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch are just after your money now. Their games just seem to get worse and they expand on the franchise.)
-  Make a Kinect game that is actually enticing to play. 
- Allow parties to do more stuff with each other. (View any media you have like Youtube, Hulu+, Netflix, Zune, Last FM, the list goes on.) 
- Zune Tablet for around $250 (this will make Apple, Nintendo, and Sony sweat bullets...) 

Sony will be holding their press conference also on Monday 6:00pm PT 9:00pm ET 

What can we expect?
- PS Vita Price drop ( It is currently 299.99 for 3G model and $249.99 for the WiFi only model. we will probably see them each drop $50 because of their lackluster sales so far.) We also may see different colors on the horizon. 
- PS Vita firmware update with new features (probably be available before E3's end) 
- More characters revealed for Playstation All-Stars
- Maybe return of Killzone for both PS3 and Vita
- More Playstation Move games (Yawn, motion sensor gaming, at least IMO is just meh out side of the Wii...)
- Little Big Planet 

What they should do...
- PS3 + Vita Bundle (approx. $400 $349.99)
- PS3 price drop to 199.99
- Vita Price drop 3G $229.99(3G is slow unless you are in a HSPA+ area on T-Mobile. Plus you have to be on contract for it. It should come $49.99 dollars on a 2 year contract lol)  WiFi only  $199.99
- Pay Square Enix off to make FF7 Remake for the Vita / PS3
- GTA V Preview (pretty sure that Microsoft will be showing it though...) 
Loyalty Program so we can digitize our PSP Games for the Vita. (Nobody likes paying multiple times for the same game specially if you are looking at it sitting right next to you...) 

Nintendo's press conference will be Tuesday June 5th at 9:00am PT. 12:00pm ET

Satoru Iwata with the Wii-U  

What can we expect? 
- Wii-U Info (Release Date Specs and, Pricing... I say November 18 2012[Japan] and December 1st [USA])
- 3DS Redesign 
- Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer (I believe that they already released this so it probably wont be shown during the conference after all.) 
- Madden for the Wii-U
Smash Bros. for the Will-U and the 3DS 
- Wii-U Playable 
- List of some Wii-U launch titles 
- Shigeru Miyamoto on Stage at some time with some sort of prop from one of his masterpieces.
What should they do...
- Announce completely new Zelda Title for Wii-U or 3DS
- Announce sequel to Mario 64 (New 3D Mario Game) 
- New Metriod Game 
- Revamped Online Hub similar to that of the competitors (Xbox Live & and PSN) and also make it available via firmware update to all current Systems. 
- Pokemon game that we been waiting for since they announced the first 3D pokemon game on the N64. 
- That they have acquired back "Rare" and they will be making games like they should have been doing... (Conquer Bad Fur Day 2, Starfox Adventures 2, New Banjo Kazooi, New Donkey Kong, and the real remake of 007 GoldenEye.... Yeah i know its wishful thinking... )
- Wii-U price being 249.99
- Allowing multiple Wii-U Tablets on one system 
- Reveal real name of the Wii-U (I like the Regginator)