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Sony - E3 Warp up

Round up of the Sony E3 2012 
With Videos

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal

This is the character teaser trailer

Gameplay clip from the show floor. In all honestly though this does look like it could be fun, when it come down to it it is just a wanna be smash bros clone.

Beyond: Two Souls Trailer

I think this was like the best thing i seen all day. So Cinematic, So Awesome.

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation   

It looks awesome on the PSVita plus added connectivity with the PS3 version. There is an option to get the game bundled with the White WiFi version of the PSVita. If you don't have a Vita (like me) this might be the bundle for you... Releasing the same day as Assassins Creed III on the other consoles. OCT. 30 2012

Far Cry 3 - Co op gameplay

Only Meh... come to mind when i seen this yeah it will be fun to play with a couple of friend but FPS's are just about dead to me sadly... (Thanks COD and your yearly releases)


.... This is something new but i don't really know what to think... It actually seems llike something that would have worked better with the Microsoft Kinect...

Books of Spells - For the WonderBook

J.K Rowling seriously.... yeah this demo was a fail and it doesn't even look that fun...

Sony Playstation Mobile

I thought this was old news. Didn't they announce that they were doing this a long time ago. i guess it new that they are backing HTC though...

God of War: Ascension 
Release Date March 12 2013

This was one of the most epic games of the night....

The Last of US

The was probably Sony's Best in Show. It was just Epic.. 


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