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Nuance Dragon Go! - Preview / Overview

Nuance Dragon Go!
For Android & IOS
Version 1.0

When I think of Nuance the first thing that comes to mind is their highly accurate voice recognition software found on Android (MyTouch3G slide, Mytouch4G, FlexT9 Keyboard and the new version of Swype) and IOS.

What is it?
Basically Dragon Go! is an assistant similar to the Genius Button on most of the MyTouch line of android devices for T-Mobile. Dragon Go! works pretty much how “Siri” (Minus the voice talkback) for IOS and Google Voices Search for Android.  

What sets it apart?
- It uses natural language recognition so you don’t have articulate your words like you are a robot…
- After you make your initial search you can easily choose the source to where you want your answer to come from.

How does it compare?
I put it to the test vs. Google Voice Search / Voice Actions. Here are the results from the Q&A.

1. What the weather forecast for Manhattan NY 
Dragon GO! - Worked flawlessly and gave me multiple options to choose from. (Google, AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, Weather Underground)
Google Search - It worked but gave me a search results page.

Though I was able to get the correct answer from both I’m going to have to go with Dragon Go! Because I what I was looking for without clicking on links… 

2. I was craving Dunkin Donuts right now so I thought I might find some. 
Dragon Go! - I said “Dunkin Donuts” and it found about 30 of them using yelp starting with the closest one on the top of the list (it also gives you  Google search results, Wiki, the option to call, map, and OpenTable.)
Google Search - I said “Map of Dunkin Donuts” and it gave me exactly that. Plus option to navigate, call, check-in, rate add photos, and share.

Honestly I have to call it a tie… They both gave me the answer I was looking for with a slew of options to do when it found it. 

3. NY Giants Schedule 
Dragon Go! - Worked like a charm… it brought up the whole schedule with W/L and their next game date time & channel with the option to buy tickets via ESPN. (Also gives you options for Yahoo Sports, & Google Search)
Google Search - to find what I was look for I had to say “NY Giants next game” but still got what I was looking for.

Dragon Go! It just quickly and easily gave me what I was looking for and then some on first try. 

4. I’m Sexy and I know it!
Dragon Go! - I said “Listen to I’m sexy and I know it by LMFAO“ and it gave me the options for to play Pandora radio station based on it a slew of videos of the song. (It also gave me the option to by it from Amazon. 
Google Search - I said “listen to I’m sexy and I know it” and it gave me the same options but it actually played the song via Google music.

Google Search - I did exactly what I wanted to do.

5. Movies
Dragon Go! - I said “Show times for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” - Gave me exactly what I was looking for via Fandango. (It also gave me the, Wiki page, movie trailers via YouTube, Google search results, and IMDb.)
Google Search - I said “Show times for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and I gave it to me simple as that… 

Tie though Dragon Go! Had a better presentation I was the same info in the same amount of time… 

Overall Winner
 I’m still undecided because Dragon Go! Is still in its early stages and the Google Search is about due for another revamp. Plus they both have features that the other doesn’t have yet Google Search / Voice Action still have access to thing things like setting the alarm, sending texts emails & notes to self. 

How would I improve Dragon Go? 
- Add a Widget 
- Include a Dragon Dictation Keyboard (I know there is Swype and FlexT9, but I think they should add a stand alone just like they have in most of the MyTouch phones.)
- Allow it to work with other apps on the phone like, your native Music app, and Clock / Calendar, Contacts, Etc.      


  1. Nice review. I was thinking about getting it but after your really good presentation I think I will stick with the Google search app. I mainly use the app for dictation and it sounds like Dragon doesn't do that.....maybe in the next version?

    Thanks for the help...


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