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Go Launcher EX - Android App Review

Android app Review 
Go Launcher EX
By: Go Launcher Development Team 

- Tons of themes 
- Stability 
- Plug-ins 
- Little to no lag
- Transitions are cool 
- The easy seamless way of creating folders 
- Tons of customizable settings 

- Widgets are underwhelming 

Go Launcher EX is a home replacement app found in the android market. “It brings you a fresh and extraordinary mobile operation experience.” 

- Thousands of themes 
- Widgets 
- Fancy home screen transitions 
- Smooth transitions
- User-defined folder to easily categorize apps 
- set icon sorting, hide app icon, and uninstall apps 

My thoughts:
I’ve been a fan of Android since the G1 days, and tried pretty much every launcher there is… Originally the only launcher I really liked was the Home++ one. (Yeah how many of you remember that one lol.) Then I swore by Launcher Pro, and I still do to an extent. But now I find Go Launcher to be the best out there, mainly because of all the features it adds plus it still seem to have great support from the developer. If you are looking for a change of scenery from your current launcher or manufacture installed UI I highly recommend Go Launcher EX.

UI: 5
Visuals: 5
Usefulness: 4
Features: 4 
Stability: 5

Score 23/25


  1. Hi, nice review on Go Launcher. Sorry if this is off topic, but I was wondering if you were interested in doing a review on the Rabbit Launcher? It's brand new -- very fast and light but has great 3D effects!

    1. Thanks
      Yeah sure I'ma download it today and try it out.

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