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Club Nintendo's Loyalty Reward Program

Ok this is not really news but, I was shocked that some people (especially my friends who are Nintendo Fanboys) I know doesn't use or dare i say know about it. Let me inform you why you should. 

What is it? 
Club Nintendo is a loyalty program designed to reward its customers for purchasing products and giving feedback on them. You earn points or “Coins” in this case by registering products and taking surveys on them. The process is rather painless and easy, though it can get repetitive. 

How does it work?
Basically to get started you go to the Club Nintendo webpage and register. After you are done registering you will be asked to register your Nintendo products (you register by entering the pin or serial number of the product.). Once you register a product, coins will be added to your coin total. From there you and use those coins to claim rewards / prizes. 

Yeah that right, free stuff from Nintendo. This includes DS games, Wii games, Virtual console games, Posters, CDs, Towels, Screen savers, the list goes on!!! Also right now one of the best games to every touch the Nintendo 64 is currently a reward for a measly 150 coins, and that game is the “The Legend of Zelda: Majora Mask”

What’s the Catch? 
Honestly really isn’t one. There are stipulations thought, like older games depreciate in coin value. (When I registered “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” I only got like 10 or 20 coins don’t really remember, but when I registered “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” I got 50 coins. So as you can see the amount of coins varies by what you register.) 

My thoughts:
Honestly the only reasons why you shouldn’t be registered for club Nintendo is  if you don’t have a Nintendo system, (therefore it wouldn’t really make sense to be) Club Nintendo isn’t in you current region, (see listing here) or you don’t like free stuff which I don’t really understand….



  1. When I had money to spend on video games, I had a lot of coins built up. I'm at least glad they're offering free VC games for coins.

    1. I hear you i had 450 coins just sitting there from games i had for years lol so i just used it on Majora Mask and some other prize im waiting for in the mail. I was gonna buy it anyways so got lucky. I actually miss the days of when i used to buy games all the time. the last game i purchased was MW3 which was like in November. though i did get Skyward Sword and Assassins creed Revelations and sonic Generations for Christmas. Before those i cant even remember the last time i brought a game... It sucks not having extra money laying around...


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