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Anime and Manga for Noobs (Newbies) - Part VI

Anime and Manga Part VI

Have you ever considered getting into Anime and(or) Mangas but, not sure where to start.
Check out my list, I might have what you been looking for...
All the Anime & Manga will have links to where you can read or watch them. 

If the links dont work leave me a message or contact the site that it is hosted on... 
I will also have Ranks under the images to show where i rank the anime / manga out of my all time favorites.  

Samurai Champloo 
Manga: (August 2, 2004 - October 29, 2004)
Anime: (May 16, 2004 - March 19, 2005) 
Maturity: 13+

Samurai Champloo is a Japanese animated series (Anime) created by Shinichiro Watanabe. About 3 months later it was adapted into a manga series that was illustrated by Masaru Gotsubo. The story is about a girl named Fu who is attacked by a group of samurai. She is saved by Mugen (a wanderer with an unconventional fighting style) and Jin (a samurai). Fu convinces Mugen and Jin to Travel with her to find a Samurai who smells of sunflowers…

What I Like 
- Hip Hop Style
- Animation 
- Character personalities 
- Action 
-Voice Acting

What I don’t like 
- It’s a pretty short anime spanning only 26 episodes. In my opinion they should have stretched it longer and gone more in-dept with character backgrounds.

Where can I watch it online…? 

Where can I read the manga online…?

Cased Closed 
Manga: (February 2, 1994 - Ongoing)
Anime: (January 8, 1996 - Ongoing)
Maturity: 7+

Cased Closed it a manga series that was written and illustrated Gosho Aoyama that was later turned into an anime series. The story focuses on Jimmy Kudo (A 17 year old high school kid) who helps the police out with solving cases. During a case he is attacked by 2 criminals from the "Black" Organization. They forced an experimental poison in his body which was supposed to kill him; instead it transformed his body into a body of a child. He goes by the name Conan to hide his identity so he can investigate the "Black" Organization.

What I like
- Detective story 
- Characters

What I don’t like 
- I can get predictable by what mystery stories don’t? 

Where can I watch it online? 

Where can I read it online? 

Manga: (December 1996 - June 2004)
(April 4, 1998 - October 10, 1998)
Duel Monsters (April 18, 2000 - September 29, 2004

Yugioh is a Japanese manga series that was created by Kazuki Takahashi that was later adapted into an anime series. It story is about a high school kid Yugi Motou who was given a fragmented pieces of an ancient Egyptian artifact. Yugi assembles the puzzle and finds out that the puzzle houses a 3,000 year old spirit of a pharaoh (towards the end of the story it is revealed that his name is Atem). Yugi and his friends Tea, Tristan, Joey, and sometimes even his rival Seto Kaiba try the help the pharaoh regain his lost memories. 

What I like 
- The card game in its self is interesting 
- Interesting characters 
- Voice acting isn’t terrible 

What I don’t like
- Spin-offs shows (like Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, R, 5D, & Zexal)
- It gets predictable 

Where can I watch it online?

Where can I read the manga online?