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Google Currents - Android App Review

Android App Review 
Google Currents 

- Cool concept
- Makes reading boring feeds not as boring 
- For the most part articles render pretty good 

- Its kind of slow 
- Feels like its still in beta 
- Searching a hit or a miss 

“Google Currents delivers beautiful magazine like editions to your tablet and smartphone for high speed offline reading.” 

My thoughts:
For the most part it does what it says it going to do. What you get is basically a polished RSS reader. It transforms boring feeds into an easier on the eyes magazine style feed. My issues with this app are minimal but, they kind of make or break the app for me (main problem being I can’t find some of the sites / feeds I want). Also not all feeds are created equal, some look way better like CNET and, Android and Me, while smaller blogs don’t have the same amount of flash… 

UI: 4
Usefulness: 4
Features: 3
Stability: 3 
Market Rating: 4


What I would do to improve this app…
- Google should make the trends searchable. For example if you want to know all the up-to-date news on CES 2012 (Consumer Electronic Show), you can just search CES 2012 and you will get news from all sources about CES. Sort of like how the News section of the main Google site already works…
- Make the settings more customizable 
  - Allow the user to theme it... (Yes the white is clean but, if you do a lot of reading you might want to change how it looks every once in a while. All you got to do is allow the user to change the background color...)

    This App should be easy for Google to fix up, especially considering that they have the most widely used search engine out there….


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