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Anime and Manga for Noobs (Newbies) - Part V

Anime and Manga Part V

Have you ever considered getting into Anime and(or) Mangas but, not sure where to start.
Check out my list, I might have what you been looking for...
All the Anime & Manga will have links to where you can read or watch them. 

If the links dont work leave me a message or contact the site that it is hosted on... 
I will also have Ranks under the images to show where i rank the anime / manga out of my all time favorites.  

Lupin III
“Original” (August 10, 1976 - April 12 1972)
“Worlds Most Wanted” (June 23, 1977 - May 25, 1981)
Part I        (October 24, 1971 - March 26, 1972) 23 Episodes 
Part II (October 3, 1977 - October 6, 1980) 155 Episodes 
Part III (March 3, 1984 - December 25, 1985) 50 Episodes 
There were also 5 OVAs, 6 Movies, and 23 TV Specials 
Maturity: 13+
Lupin III is a Japanese Manga series that was adapted into an anime series that spanned over 220+ episodes.  The manga was illustrated by Kazuhiko Kato (Monkey Punch). The story follows a group of thieves Arsene Lupin III and his friends Daisuke Jigen (The Marksman), Goemon Ishikawa XIII (Samurai) and Fujiko Mine (Lupin love interest) as the travel across the world to steal treasures and escape the law. Mainly Koichi Zanigata who is the police inspector working for ICPO. 

What I Like 
- Its Funny 
- The Action 
- Its different 

What I don’t like
- The animation is dated 

Where can I watch this anime online? 

Where can I read this manga online? 

Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X
Manga: (September 2, 1994 - November 4, 1999)
Anime: (January 10, 1996 - September 8, 1998)
There was also 1 movie and 2 OVAs
Maturity:  7+ anime, 13+ OVA

Rurouni Kenshin also known as Samurai X is a Manga series that was adapted into an Anime Series. It was written and illustrated by Nobuhiro Watsuki. The story is about an assassin named Hitokiri Battosai (later goes by Himura Kenshin) who becomes a wanderer to protect the people of Japan. 

What I like 
- The dark serious tone 
- The OVAs are notch 
- Animation of the OVAs is top notch 

What I don’t like
- Anime isn’t as good as the OVAs 

Where can I watch the anime online? 

Where can I read the manga online? 

Death Note 
Manga: (December 2003 - May 2006)
Anime: (October 3, 2006 - June 26, 2007) 37 Episodes 
Maturity: 13+ 

Death Note is a Manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The story is about a high school student Light Yagami who finds a supernatural notebook called the Death Note that grants the ability of the user to kill anybody they know the name and face of. The story’s plot centers around Light trying to rid the world of evil using his now found powers, and the efforts of a detective known as L to stop him…

What I like 
- Its different 
- Animation isn’t bad 

What I don’t like 
- Death Note is overrated (everyone seemed to boast about this anime and when I finally got around to watching it, I found it underwhelming) 
- It can get kind of confusing 

Where can I watch the anime online?

Where can I read the manga online?