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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - iOS

Hit game from the days of the PSP gets a upgrade and comes to iOS. 

"One of the most popular titles in the Monster Hunter series arrives on the App Store today for $14.99! Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was based on Japan’s Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G and originally released in 2009 in the west. The title was a global success with sales of more than four million units worldwide, contributing to the series’ total of more than 28 million units to date.

In this action-RPG game, players will need to work together in order to hunt down ferocious beasts and progress through the wide range of quests on offer. Players will be rewarded for their use of deep fighting combat systems, encouraging them to seek out the more experienced hunters and team up in order to learn from their expertise.

The newest iteration of the game includes several updated features:
•         Graphics are in higher HD resolution with support for up to 2048x1536 on iPad
•         All controls are optimized for touch screen functionality
•         New target camera options make it easier to follow the action
•         Support for controller peripherals for iPhone and iPod touch such as the Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery and other MFi controllers
•         Seamless real-time four player co-op battles via Wi-Fi connection
- Capcom

Get it Here 

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