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Bersem Paper-Like (For iPad 2018 12.9) | Review

Yo! iPad Artist, you need this...
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Bersem Paper-Like Film Protector
Platform: iPad Pro 2018
Manufacturer: Bersem
Price: $33.99 | Amazon Price: $20.99 (Currently on sale plus you get an extra 10% off now on Amazon) – Purchase Link

What is it?
Paper-Like as the name implies, is a paper like film that you can place on your iPad / iPad Pro to make it feel like paper. This film protects your iPad from scratches as well and diffuses reflections due to its Matte Finish.  

·       It feels like paper.
·        You receive 2 films in the package.
·       There is a slight resistance when writing and drawing with the apple pencil.
·       This film has a matte finish that diffuses reflections so you can enjoy your iPad in brightly lit areas.
·       Doesn’t interfere with the iPad or the Apple Pencil features.

-          Not the cheapest screen protector out there.
-          Applying the screen protector requires time and patients.
-          The iPad display doesn’t seem as vibrant as it was before I applied the screen protector. (This may just be me) 

From someone who is used to drawing with mechanical pencils and a $8 sketch book from Wal-Mart, there was a learning curb picking up an iPad and drawing on it. The screen was too smooth and leaving a slight disconnect between me and, the drawing experience. I looked for solutions online and a Matte screen protector seem to be what most recommended. Paper-Like was the most popular, so I invested. All in all, Paper-Like work just fine. I like the slight resistance I get while using the Apple Pencil as well as the Anti-Glare screen protector.

This is a must for iPad artist, unless you don’t like the feel of Paper.