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Experience E3 in a theater near you - Sony

Just like Last year Sony will be Airing their Playstation Press Conference via Live Stream in Theatres throughout the US. 
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" Whenever I interact with the PlayStation community I’m always struck by their passion and excitement for gaming. I saw this firsthand at E3 2014, when I teamed up with PlayStation and Fathom Events to bring the E3 Press Conference live to over 10,000 fans around the country as part of the PlayStation E3 Experience in movie theaters. It was amazing to see fans line up all across America to experience the news and announcements live with others in the community.

This year I’m happy to announce that the PlayStation E3 Experience will return on Monday, June 15. Due to the quick sell-outs in 2014, we will be staging it in significantly more theaters — and yes, it will still be free. Last year tickets in most markets sold out in 15 minutes or less, so for 2015 we are increasing the number of theaters by more than 150%, with at least one theater in every state across the US — including Hawaii and Alaska — plus 3 cities in Canada.

My Thoughts 
I attended this event last year in Manhattan and it was a cool experience plus you get cool freebies. I may do it this year as well. The worst part about it last year was the stream mest up while we were watching. It corrected itself but you would think issues like that wouldn't happen. 

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