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Sony PlayStation Showcase 2020 Afterthoughts | Gaming

Last Wednesday Sony held their PlayStation 5 showcase showing off some upcoming titles for the upcoming console as well as revealing the price and release date of the #PS5.

After watching the event I cant help but feel it fell a bit flat. The games they shown off were good but it turns out most of them are multiplatform or, they will be available for the PS4 that you already have. They few exclusives that did preview wont release until next year and so on. Where Sony nailed it was the pricing. $399 is a nice price for a full blown next gen console. I'm not really sure how they can justify selling the Blu-ray drive version for $100 more but the pricing is till in the fair range. 

The Sony PlayStation 5 will release on November 12th 2020 for $399 and $499.


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