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HipServ Review - Android

Platform: Android, IOS
Developer: Axentra Corporation
Version: 2.1.44

After putting in your credentials t
his is the scree that awaits you.
A little dull if you ask me...  
 Google Play Description:
“Do you want to enjoy your digital media anywhere, anytime on your Android Smartphone and tablet? Do you want all of your home photos, music, videos and any other of your digital files at your fingertips? And you have an HipServ-based home network attached storage device?
Axentra’s HipServ Mobile app for Android allows you to easily connect to your HipServ-based home media server and stream your entire media collection from anywhere, anytime!”

What is it?
It is a media player of sorts, which allows you to remotely access your media and other files stored on a server.

Don't know why but i seem
to like this song by
Jason Mraz
-          Play mp3s, Mp4s, & shockingly MKVs
-          free
-          Holds your position when you leave a video

-          FLV, AVI, WMVs are a no go
-          UI isn’t exactly pretty
-          Navigation is slow
-          Why can’t I open .txt files...?
-          No downloading?

Madagascar 3 - Video playback is really
nice and smooth over wifi

My Thoughts:
This is really good app. It was perfect for me being that I own a Verbatim Media Share.  I
 was a custom of just navigating to my server through my web browser on my phone and downloading everything that I wanted to use. Having this app allow you to bypass all of that and also allows you to stream media rather than download. Just don’t expect anything to work smoothly on a slow connection.

UI: 3
Features: 3.5
Performance/ Stability: 3.5
Price: 5
Google Play: 3.2

18.2 / 25