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Timely Alarm Clock for Android - Review

Looking for a more colorful, sexier clock app? +Bitspin has the app that you've been looking for. 

Taken from the Google Nexus 7

Timely for Android Review
Developer: Bitspin
Genre: Utility
Platform: Android

Google Play Description:
“Timely is the beautiful Alarm Clock for Android, featuring a stunning user experience and revolutionary cloud integration to backup and synchronize your alarms with multiple devices.”

What is it?
Timely is a replacement clock app for android.

What’s Hot?
-        UI
-        Cloud Sync
-        Works with Google Now
-        Includes Stop Watch & Timer

What’s not?
-        Can’t use app’s backgrounds outside the app
-        Only one widget
-        No world clock feature

My Thoughts:
If you have been following me in that last few years you will already know I’m not big on customizing my device like I used to. Yes I keep my devices organized but I normally don’t search app stores looking for themes, and widgets anymore to keep my devices looking different from everyone else’s. Timely is not really a customization app but more of a tool. It acts just like the standard Stock clock app provided by Google but it is way more pleasing to look at. It has the same type of standard digital clock widget, a stopwatch and timer. Actually the only thing I miss from stock app is the World Clock feature which allows you to add & dock other clocks times for different cities. If Timely adds this feature it will be close to perfect.

I recommend this app to anyone and everyone who wants a cleaner more colorful looking clock app. If you travel a lot or required to know times in multiple time zones at once, I can’t completely recommend this app to you yet….

UI: 5
Features: 4
Performance | Stability: 5
Price: 5
Average: 4.4

23.4 / 25

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