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My Top Android Apps (Phone Edition) - Week of July 21, 2013

My top used android apps for mobile phones
Week of July 21, 2013
Device: LG Google Nexus 4

   +Gameloft is known for making quality android games and UNO & Friends is no different. I picked up this game because i was looking for games that utilize Google's Game Service and this one was on the list. The weird thing is i have never purchased this game yet it said purchased in the Google Play Store. I don't know if it is a ploy to get people to download it... Either way it worked on me. The game plays just how you would expect UNO to play but i recommend people to play on a bigger screen like a tablet just because some of the cards may be difficult to read. 

I never was a huge Facebook fan but I still check up on old friends and family every once and a while. The app itself has gotten better over the years but they still are taking steps back, for example the Ads... 

I finally got some of my friends to use this app (you wouldn't believe how hard it is to do.) and its still sort of ho-hum. They need to incorporate the stock messenger app as well as all other communications to make it one total hub. 

This is currently my note taking app of choice (formally it was ColorNote) mainly because of it simplicity and its clean UI. 

This browser runs beautifully on the Nexus 4 and it my favorite browner when I have a decent internet connection. Otherwise I use Opera Mini.   

I'm not a big vine user but my crazy ass cousin is and this is like the only way to keep up with his random hijinks. As a app it pretty bad on android. you get random load errors, (I can't even see my timeline have the time) and you still can't tag your friends / people, but you could on iOS for some time now.

Zynga's version of scrabble makes its return to my top list. It a pretty good game but there are a lot of cheaters out there so i pick and choose who i play. Plus the android version is lacking in features like leaderboards.

My iPod has had a break last week as in i was using Google play music a lot. Though i do have my issues with the way you upload your library to the cloud the All Access feature pretty makes up for that.

My favorite Social Network makes the list again. Really no surprise here, just wish the people i see on a daily basis would jump off the sinking ship known as Facebook and come over to the feature rich Google+.

1. YouTube
No surprise here... I personally didn't use YouTube a lot this week on my phone but my little cousin did. If you read and of my previous top Android app list you will know that i feel the app is mediocre and needs an overhaul. To give the devil his doos this is the Best YouTube client available and it is for the most part functional. 

That's it for this week... 
Stay Tuned for next's weeks list.
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