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Google Keep Review

Keep Review
Developer: Google Inc.
Version: 1.0.79
Platform: Android, Browser
Category: Productivity
Price: Free

Google Play Description:
“Quickly capture what’s on your mind and recall it easily wherever you are. Create a checklist, enter a voice note or snap a photo and annotate it. Everything you add is instantly available on all your devices – desktop and mobile.”

What is it?
It’s a note taking app…

-          Clean UI
-          Simplicity
-          Accessible online
-          Allows you to make a verity of different notes (Picture, Voice, Check List, and Text Notes)
-          Syncs all your devices connected to your Google account.

-          Needs a desktop app
-          Notes don’t save in a Google Drive folder (It would make more sense if they did being that the only way to access you notes online is by going to the address “just sayin”)
-          No reminders
-          No integration with Google Now…
-          You can’t make a note from a picture you have taken out side of the app.
-          Voice notes don’t really work how they should

My Thoughts:
I really wanted to like Google Keep as much as I like EverNote but I can’t as of now. Yes it is a good app but it’s still lacking in many areas, and I still find myself using multiple apps for note taking. Currently I rotate between 3 note taking apps (EverNote, ColorNote, and Google Keep).

UI: 4.5
Features: 4
Stability | Performance: 4.5
Price: 5
Play Store: 4.4