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Fleksy for Android Preview

Welcome to the Future of Soft-Software Keyboards

First Impressions
Okay so maybe its not necessarily the future of Touch Screen keyboards but it is definitely a step in the right direction. I haven't been using it long (few days) but i have to say I am blown away on how natural it feels. If you are familiar with any modern (English) keyboard layout you will feel at home here. It just feels right and you'll be typing easily without looking at you device in no time. Above is a video of me failing hard using the showoff feature (invisible keyboard), which wasn't the keyboard's fault, but more of my lack of knowing what to type lol. Overall  this will probably be my favorite keyboard when it finally releases, my main gripe right now is that it has no voice input option. I hope +Syntellia keeps up the good work and releases +Fleksy for Android to the masses soon.

Stay Tuned for our full review coming soon......

You can Download Fleksy for iOS now from the Apps Store  
You can attempt to get a Beta for Android from HERE

Check out the Fleksy WebSite

Happy Typing!!!