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Weekly Wrap Up | Week of 10/16/2016 and 10/23/2016

A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks, so lets try to sum it up.
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Our reviewer Melinda goes in-dept w/ 1ByOne's 10,000 mah Power Bank. Check out what she gave it an her thoughts on the Review Here!!!

Nintendo finally unveils its newest console the Nintendo Switch which will basically combine you home and mobile gaming worlds with one console. Find out more in our article HERE!!! We have another article breaking down what we actually know about the Nintendo Switch. You can view that HERE!!!

RockStar Games announce that the are bringing us a sequel to their GTA on horses game Red Dead Redemption 2. View their Teaser Trailer HERE!!!

Square Enix and Disney have been kinda tight lipped since E3 & TGS when it came to the Kingdom Hearts Series. That reign has ended as they Announced that they will be releasing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and  Kingdom Hearts 2.5 on the Sony PlayStation 4 this March on 1 epic disk. There is no word on whether they will be releasing it on the Xbox One or not but its a possibility being that KHIII is supposed to be on both consoles. For more Info Check out our article HERE!!!

Microsoft held a Surface event where they announced some of the sexiest Windows base products period. Prepare yourself for the Surface Studio, and the new Surface Book. Stays tuned for more information.

Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro and its a sleek and sexy machine. Stay tuned for more information.

Other News:
  • Pokemon Go - Pokemon Go is holding its first seasonal event. If you need to catch some creepy pokemon here is your chance. Ghost pokemon as well as Cubone, Zubat, and Golbat will pop up way more frequently until November 1st. Happy Halloween! 
  • World of Final Fantasy - Sora from Kingdom Hearts will be making a cameo in World of Final Fantasy for the PS4 and PSVita as free DLC.