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Google Pixel Event | Afterthoughts

On October 4, 2016 Google held their 1st Pixel Event (formally know as nexus unveiling or nexus event, etc.) where they finally announced some new hardware.
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During this event Google announced multiple devices:
  • Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL
  • Google WiFi
  • DayDream
  • Google Home
  • Chromecast Ultra

“ Today, we announced for the first time a family of products that brings people the best of Google through hardware and software made by Google. We're excited that the lineup features the first phone made by Google inside and out — Pixel.

For those of you who have followed Google closely, that name may sound familiar to you because we've used the Pixel name in the past for consumer hardware products that represented an overall premium Google experience. Many of you may also be familiar with the Nexus program. Since 2010, we’ve partnered closely with mobile handset partners around the world to bring you the best of Android. Through Nexus, the goal was to work with these various partners to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a smartphone. We’ve now decided to take the next step and provide our take on the best Google experience, by bringing hardware and software design together under one roof.”  - Official Google Blog

I’m feeling the Pixel Phones. I can see the “XL” being my daily driver in the near future. I’ve been using the Google Nexus 6 as mine due to it being massive. The Pixel XL won't be massive but it will be a significant upgrade spec wise. Not a huge fan of the Price but once I saw it was going to be a Verizon carrier phone, there wasn’t anything left to salvage. I think I’ll just pay the $32+ a month through Google for it… Its nice to see a 3.5mm headphone jack ☺, but I think I’ll miss the inductive charging (QI).

“ We count on Wi-Fi at home more than ever. Whether you’re video chatting with mom, binge-watching the latest series, or simply getting work done, strong and reliable Wi-Fi is key to staying connected.

Today, we’re excited to introduce Google Wifi, a new connected Wi-Fi system designed to give you a fast signal in every room, on every device.Most of us get Wi-Fi in our homes through a centralized router, but using a single router to spread signal throughout your whole home is like expecting one light bulb to light up every room. Walls and distance make it difficult for a single device to send a strong signal to every corner of your home, resulting in slow Wi-Fi and dead zones.

Last year, we introduced OnHub with partners TP-LINK and ASUS to create a better Wi-Fi experience, focusing on design and simplicity. Google Wifi, built on the strengths of OnHub, is our next step towards ensuring that our homes can have great Wi-Fi everywhere we need it.” - Official Google Blog

I’m not sure if this is just a Google re brand or not, but I like the price point. On Hub was a great router but it was expensive.

“ We love virtual reality. Unlike any other technology or screen, VR can make you feel like you're somewhere else. Without a ticket, you can get front row seats at Coachella and visit a world-renowned museum to see extinct animals come back to life. You can take field trips to almost anywhere and capture vivid moments you can revisit anytime. It’s transporting.

At I/O this May, we announced Daydream, our platform for high-quality mobile VR. Our goal for Daydream is to simplify the complexity behind virtual reality. It should be mobile so you can easily carry it with you, and it should be friendly and accessible so everyone can enjoy using it.

We’ve been working with developers, smartphone companies and content creators to make the dream a reality — and now, we’re excited to share updates across the three key elements of Daydream: smartphones, headsets and VR experiences.” - Official Google Blog

While VR seems novelty to me now, I am still a fan of it. I own 2 Google Cardboard viewers but honestly I only used them a max of 20 times. Admittedly most of those times were demoing it to people. Daydream appears Google’s attempt at a more immersive VR. I would be willing to give it a go… Google DayDream will retail around $80 in the US…

“ There’s never a dull moment at home. Wouldn’t it be great to get some extra help there? You could start up your favorite song while you’re washing dishes, turn off the lights without getting out of bed, or check the traffic when you’re running out the door. Today we’re unveiling a new product that helps you in the place you need it most: your home. With Google Home, it’s as simple as using your voice to turn up the music, get answers to a myriad of questions, manage tasks around the house, and even adjust the thermostat or lights. It allows you to bring the Google Assistant into your kitchen, living room or anywhere else around the house.” - Official Google Blog

Next to the Google Pixel phones this was definitely the biggest announcement. Amazon must have been sweating when Google showed off its Google home device. This thing does it all and it is capable of getting better with time. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. The Google Home will retail at $129.

Google also announced a new model of the Chromecast that supports 4K video.