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1ByOne 10,000mAh PowerBank | Review

Is this Power Bank worth the Energy?
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10,000mAh PowerBank w/ LCD Screen
Manufacturer : 1ByOne
Genre: Phone Accessories / PowerBanks
Price: $19.99 Currently $17.99 (On Amazon)
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Product Description
“ Are you tired of running out of battery every time you are not home? Does it make you upset being low on battery when taking photos or making calls? This 1byone External Battery Power Bank will make you worry-free and is a must have wherever you go. “ - Via 1ByOne on Amazon

What is it?
1ByOne 10,000mAh PowerBank is a USB external portable charger with LCD Screen that charges a variety of items from your headsets to your cell phones.


What’s Hot?
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight, sleek,comfortable design
  • Compact,durable and portable
  • Duel USB out Ports
  • LCD Screen on device displays battery life as a percentage , the port being used (2.1 vs 1.0) and whether it is (out) or (in).
  • LCD screen lights up blue,as a result functions can be seen clearly at night and during the daytime.
  • Screen light automatically turns on and off
  • Device automatically turns off when not in use approximately 1 minute.
  • Charging Capacity-long lasting (charged my phone 4 times before it died)


What’s Not?
  • Power bank does not turn off automatically when still plugged into device. (contrary to the advertisement stating  “Ultra-Safe Protection - Sophisticated protection ICs effectively prevent overcharge, overcurrent and short circuits, ensuring complete reliability”)
  • Power bank does not tell you if phone is fully charged.
  • Power bank is limited to 1.0A and 2.1A ports
  • Charging time  (2.1A port took over 1 hour to charge my LG phone from 23% to 100%, slow speed)
  • Charging time for PowerBank 3+ hours
  • Did not include a wall adapter , only supplied a USB cord.
  • Product cord and color not product with white cord ( which isnt the best make, short length and not durable)

Design / Build Quality: (2.5 out of 5)
Product appears durable and has a compact, lightweight, non bulky design. Pattern around LCD screen and symbol on the front/back of the device draws the buyer's attention. I really enjoy the LCD screen with blue backlighting; it definitely came in handy when attempting to see the charge percentage in the dark. Unfortunately, having a beautiful product then a mismatched usb cord with opposing colors, and shortness in length (huge inconvenience when moving around or even when charging the powerbank itself) is a downfall of the overall design.(Originally I had given the design build quality a 4/5 but the usb cord recently stopped working and its only been the 6th day of use. Very poor quality, this should have been tested prior to being sent out as the product).

Features: ( 3 of 5)
Blue lit LCD screen,dual USB ports with 1.0A and 2.0A charging capacity. All features work, functioning to its purpose. A quicker speed would have been more preferable when charging my LG phone, even with the 2.1A output,speed was lagging and took well over an hour to get the job done (this was the same for charging other products as well). Something else to take note of is that the advertisement states “Ultra-Safe Protection - Sophisticated protection ICs effectively prevent overcharge, overcurrent and short circuits, ensuring complete reliability”, but item does not stop charging or turn off on its own to signify charging is complete.

Performance: (3 of 5)
Well, it got the job done.. But as stated earlier it took a very long time to charge my products.. Some took 2.5 hours and others took more. The charging speed is horrible both for the output and input. Definitely not a turbocharger but on the bright side it is a portable charger therefore, i did not have to remain stationary while charging my phone etc.. While this powerbank is not the fastest in charging devices the battery capacity seemed to amaze me, 1byOne Power Bank was able to charge my LG Phone 4 times before completely dying (each time my phone was around 20%).

Value: (4 of 5)
The overall price is feasible and reasonable. There are many portable chargers and they have become very popular recently with technology at its peak but all devices range similar in price.

Around the Web: 4.6
This device currently has a 4.6 out of 5 on

Final Thoughts
Concluding, I would recommend this device to others because though not the fastest it still gets the job done. Not to mention its overall design and features of LCD lit screen with display of battery percentage is appealing. I would recommend that the manufacturer work on speed, make sure all items are matching, include wall adapter and possibly make it so LCD Screen displays whether device/phone is charged for future tweaks of their products.