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Weekly Wrap Up | Week of 9/4/2016

Did Niantic Drop the ball with Pokemon Go? Both Sony, and Apple had unveilings this week. Nintendo is developing a Super Mario Game for both iOS and eventually Android.
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When it came to mobile games this summer, Pokemon Go was king. Question is; do you think Developer Niantic dropped the Pokeball with the game? Check out our full article HERE!!!

Nintendo announced a new Super Mario game at this years Apple Event. The game is called Super Mario Run and will be releasing on iOS first this holiday season follow by an android release sometime later. For more info check out our article HERE!!!

Apple held a media event announcing 2 new iPhones this week. The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. for more info check out our article HERE!!!

Other News:
  • Apple Pay coming to Japan: Apple's tap to pay service is finally coming to Japan via the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2. "Beginning in October users can commute and pay for everyday items with Suica from JR East, and make convenient and private credit and prepaid card purchases in stores, apps and on the web with a single touch. Apple is also introducing support for transit in Japan with Maps in iOS 10, so commuters can easily find ride details, including fare breakdowns that automatically show Suica pricing right on their device, making their commute more seamless and simpler than ever. Apple Pay is accepted anywhere Suica is available, so users can make quick everyday purchases and buy or reload a Suica card or commuter pass, all with their iPhone. Japan’s major financial brands will also support Apple Pay, so shoppers can make purchases in many of the country's largest stores, at neighborhood shops and restaurants, and from their favorite online merchants." - Apple 
  • Apple Watch Series 2: Apple announced that their new and improved Apple Watch series 2. This new Smartwatch will now feature Water Resistant up to 50 meters, GPS, 2x Brighter, Dual Core Processor, and Watch OS3. More info coming soon. 
  •  Pre-Registration is now available for Guardian Codex. This game is developed by Square Enix and it is for Android and iOS. More info coming soon...
  • Sony announced 2 new PlayStation 4 consoles; The PlayStation 4 Slim which will retail at $299 and will start appearing in stores this week. The PlayStation 4 Pro which will retail at $399 and will be in stores November 10th. Stay tuned for more info. 

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