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Meet the iPhone 7 & 7+ | Coming Soon

Yesterday was Apple's day to shine with their iPhone launching event. They announced 2 shiny new iPhones, but should you care?
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What Stayed the Same?
Being that this is an Apple Launching Event, things are bound to stay the same in some ways. That stays true for the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. 
  • Screen Size and Resolution: Probably the most disappointing non-upgrade to the new iPhones is the lack of change to the Screen Size and Resolution. That's right the standard iPhone 7 will still only have a 720p display. They can tag any name they want to it (Retina) but when it comes down to it Flagship Phones shouldn't launch in 2016 with a 720p display. They should have taken this a step further and slapped a 1080p on the 7 and 1440p on the 7+. I can live with the 1080p but dropping just under $700 on phone with a 720p screen is ludicrous...

What has Changed?
Thankfully a lot has changed this time around. Apple seems to be slowly getting with the program. I'm not sure whether to call their approachment to new tech and innovation slow and behind or, cautious and smart... 
  • "Jackless": Probably my most hatted trend right now is the Jackless phones. This started with the Motorola well Lenovo Moto Z, and now has cemented its way into legitimacy by becoming a feature on the iPhone.
  • Clean as a whistle: Apple engineers finally figured out a way to make it so the Antenna no longer has to stretch along the back of the device.
  • New Colors: Technically this is more like the absent of color or light for that matter. You can now get your iPhone in a Glossy Piano Black or a Stealthy Matte Black, which really fits my tastes right now. 
  • Better Cameras: One of the features that I never could complain about on a iPhone is its camera. Apple has Improved both the Rear facing and the front facing cameras on the iPhone 7. The rear facing camera is a new 12MP ƒ1.8 and the from facing camera is a 7MP ƒ2.2 Camera. The iPhone 7 Plus actually has 3 cameras, 2 in the rear and one in the front. The additional camera is a telephoto lens coming in at 12MP with a ƒ2.8 aperture. 
  • More Power and More Efficient: The new iPhones will be rocking a new A10 chipset which is more powerful than last years A9 and way more efficient. Apple Claims you should get at least 1 hour more battery life... 
Should you care?
If you are coming from a previous version of the iPhone I say go for it, especially if you want the 7 Plus. If you have a flagship android phone from the last year I wouldn't jump the gun. This iPhone is revolutionary for all smart phones. They made the leap to going "Jackless", which will translate to being a industry standard. you can best believe that, future phone releases from Android OEMs will eventually make the switch.

Overall I can honestly say that the new iPhone 7 is one of the sexiest phones ever created (especially in the matte black color). The camera on the 7plus has me wanting to purchase one, but that is where my iPhrase stops. Apple really should stop spoon-feeding it fans / customers features. Besides the camera all of the features that they are boasting about could be found on most android phones (in the same price range)  from 2014. I'm most interested to see how switch to jackless is going to affect the industry.

What are your thoughts?