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1ByOne 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound USB Gaming HeadSet | Tech Review

Looking for a great sounding comfortable USB gaming headset? Look no further, this one by 1ByOne is totally worth it.
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Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset
Manufacturer: 1ByOne
Genre: Headset, Headphones, USB Headphones, Open-Back Headphones, Gaming Headset
Price: Currently $45.99
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Product Description
“Designed for Game
This 1byone gaming headset is designed for your best comfort of gaming. Game operation does not just rely on your watching, your precise listening is also important. This headphone can deliver high quality stereo to keep you immersed in your game from start to the end.

Soft and Comfortable Design
Soft and comfortable over the head design as well as the lightweight elastic headband provides maximum comfort and better noise isolating enjoyment. Retractable Microphone with in-line button is easy for you to have a conversation with your friends. 2.2m braided cord is long enough to ensure your listening comfort. Just wear it and immerse yourself into an isolating gaming word!

High Stereo Performance and Virtual 7.1
50mm Driver Unit and high sensitivity can bring a better audio performance. Virtual 7.1 technology contributes to distinguish footsteps, gunshot, or conversations from different directions clearly and rapidly to make fast and wise determination when playing, which will make you feel that you are really in the virtual world.

Easy-to-Control Customized Settings
There are so many parameters for you to customize like speakers, volume setting, sampling frequency, equalizer, microphone boost profiles and Xear SingFX. Just customize sounds according to your own taste and create your own gaming sounds preference!” - 1ByOne via Amazon

Specs: via the box
  • Product size: 230*205*100mm
  • Product weight: 0.368kg/0.811lb
  • Driver Diameter: Φ50mm
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Sensitivity (S.P. L): 105±3dB(at 1 KHz)
  • Cord Length: 2.2m
  • Mic Dimensions: Φ4.0 x 1.5mm
  • Sensitivity: *47±3dB(at 1kHz)
  • Directivity: Omnidirectional
  • Impedance: 2.2Ω

What is it?
This is a USB gaming headset produced by 1ByOne. It has a mic and a controller that allow you to adjust volume, and you can also turn the lights on and off from it.

What’s Hot:
  • Great Audio Quality
  • Comfortable design
  • Looks cool in the dark
  • Being able to turn lights off if you want
  • Sturdy
  • Braided wire

What’s Not
  • Only 1 color configuration
  • The driver / software disk that shipped with it didn’t work
  • Limited use to PS4 and PCs
  • Smaller ears may not reek the benefits of comfort  

Design / Build Quality: 4.5
1Byone’s Gaming Headset is nicely built and feels pretty high quality right out the box. This headset is a one size fits all. It adjusts automatically via the springy leather-like strap that sits on top of your head. The speaker cups have a nice leathery feel to them as well. If you don’t have Dumbo sized ears, your ears will like fit inside the cups. Regardless the audio will sound great but if your ears fit inside, comfort will take a bit of a hit.  The only cushion on the inside of the headset is a thin fabric which honestly is anything but comfortable. The Retractable Mic is a great touch as well. LED are also a plus. Halfway down the braided wire you will find a controller that controls volume as well as the LED light on the Speakers and the Mic. 1ByOne did a great job in my opinion.

Audio / Sound Quality: 4.5
All around this headset sounds awesome. Everything sounds like it should. My main qualms are not being able to tweak the audio due to the included driver disk not work for me. The Mic Audio quality sounds great according to people I chatted with on PSN, as well as people I made hangout calls too.

Performance / Stability / Features: 4
Everything seems to work as expected. Well, almost everything. The driver software found on the included disk didn't work for me. I feel the disk was a dud because it didn't work on the 3 computers that I have tried. It's a bit of a shame because many cool goofier features are supposed to be on disk. Another thing is the device claims to have noise canceling but I beg to differ.  The features on the device itself work flawlessly. It plugs-n-plays fine with PC, MAC, as well as Sony Playstation 4 Consoles…

Value: 4
I’m finding it hard to complain about this product, You are getting a little more than you paid for. I feel a headset above $30 should have decent audio quality and this product definitely does. The clarity of the sound is staggering, the bass thumps and the Mids speak. But it’s not noise-canceling like they advertise.

Around The Web: 4.8
This Product is holding a near perfect score on

There are many good things about this gaming headset and probably the best ways to enjoy them are outside of gaming. The audio quality may surprise you. They actually are awesome for watching movies so you can bet that I'll be taking them with me on my flight to Canada in a few days. I’m a bit bummed that my driver disk didn’t work so, I missed out on a few features. In the end, it's still is a great product. Great Job 1ByOne!!!

21.8 / 25

@ 1ByOne if you have somewhere to download the Driver Software please contact us and let us know.

All Photographs were taken by David L Sumner.