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Vizio Sound Bar | Review

VIZIO has been upping its game in the A/V department for years. The question is are they up to par with the heavy hitter of Sony, Samsung, Bose, etc…
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VIZIO Sound Bar
Product# : SB3821-C6
Full Name: VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel w/ Sub-Woofer
Genre: Home Audio
Price: $138.04

Product Description
“ Upgrade your TV audio to a premium experience with the VIZIO 38" 2.1 Sound Bar System and Wireless Subwoofer, a great fit for 42"+ Class TVs. The Sound Bar system packs a punch with a wireless subwoofer and integrated Dolby and DTS audio technologies, delivering a room-filling audio experience with deep thumping bass-all in a sophisticated new design. The built-in Bluetooth feature allows you to wirelessly stream music from your phone, tablet, or computer. With everything you need for a quick and easy setup, upgrading your TV audio to a home theater experience has never been easier. “ - Visio via Amazon

What is it
This is an audio sound bar that is used in conjunction or to replace your current or most likely tinny sounding speakers. Even better it comes with a wireless sub-woofer that will add a thump to your entertainment.

Key Features:
  • Wireless Sub-woofer
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Remote
  • Wall Mountable
  • Comes with everything you need to set up

What’s Hot
  • Price
  • Minimal Design
  • Comes with all the wires that you will need to get started
  • Wireless Sub-woofer
  • Sounds great even when not on blast
  • Easy to Connect to Bluetooth Devices
  • Supports Optical In
  • RCA and AUX In
  • USB
  • Easy Setup

What’s Not
  • LED Indicators are confusing at first
  • Would have benefited from some sort of display
  • Technically it’s still a 2:1 setup
  • They way you plug the Inputs in seems weird to me

Build Quality / Design: 4.5
This sound bar feels very high quality. Everything has a nice heft to it. I not a fan of the way you have to plug the inputs in though. The connectors face inwards rather than out the back. It feel a bit strange to me.

Audio: 4.5
The most important part of any audio system is how it sound and Vizio got it right here. This system sound great in most normal sized rooms. In my honest opinion it is a bit mid heavy but that can be adjusted by raising the treble. Given the size of the sub-woofer you wouldn’t expect it to thump but you would be in for a surprise. A well placed sub will add depth to whatever you are currently watching or listening to. Overall this is a great audio package for the price.

Features: 5
This is a fully loaded sound bar that features a multitude connectivity options, so you can amplify whatever audio you want. It also comes packed with all the cables you will need to get started. It has a True Volume feature that basically normalizes audio so you don’t have to worry about the extra loud commercials that will surely haunt you while you are watching TV.

Value: 5
All of this for under $150… Yeah this is definitely a no brainier…

Around the Web: 4.4
Via -

I just purchased a new Sony LED TV, and everything is great but the built-in speakers are notoriously terrible on all flat screen TV I have used so, an external sound source was a must. I been hearing good things about Vizio sound bars and other home media products for a while now and thought this would be a good chance to test one out. I can easily say it was a great thing I did give it a try. For what you get in this package you would easily spend more than $200 on competitors products. I highly recommend this.  

23.4 / 25