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1ByOne Garden Laser Light | Review

Light up your house, trees, or garden with 1Byone’s Garden Laser

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Garden Laser
Manufacturer: 1ByOne
Genre: Home Lighting, Garden Tech
Price: $69.99 via Amazon

Product Description
“ 1byone waterproof outdoor indoor garden light is a new design projector light, we have two model garden lights, you can choose the one you like.
Get ready to light up the night, you will no longer hang lights on the front of your house! Now, just need a few minutes to do the decorative lighting thing.
1byone garden light shows offer amazing and memorable effects for a great vary of venues. And you will enter a dreamy forest and will start the beautiful and romantic fairy tale world! “ - via 1ByOne

Key Features
  • Wireless IR remote controller
  • 2 main color laser light, multiple mode combinations
  • Waterproof design, easy set up
  • Garden lighting for tree and wall, more than 1000 lighting points spread on tree or wall.
  • Compliant with CE, ETL & RoHS standard, UL adaptor

What’s Hot?
  • Build quality
  • Water Proof
  • Has a remote with a variety of settings
  • Looks awesome, definitely a head turner

What’s Not
  • Tad pricy
  • Controller only works while facing the light directly

Design / Build Quality: 4.5
1ByOne did an execellet job building this garden light. It has stealthy design and its built like a tank. Everything feels high grade but the remote controller. The controller feels a bit plasticy compared to the rest of the package. I’m glad they went with waterproofing as well (you’ll be surprised that there are companies out there that don’t on garden lighting).

Features: 3.5
This garden light has most of the features that you’ll need to get by but i feel that there are a few that were overlooked. The most important one I feel they left out is having controls on the laser itself. Say if you lose your controller or if it breaks, your garden laser will become pretty much useless so i suggest you take care of the controller.

Performance: 4
As of now i haven’t had any issue with the garden lasers. It flat out just works as advertised. I do have some pet peeves with it though like red lasers not being as bright as I expected. Or lasers having to blink while adjusting brightness.

Value: 3
I’m not even gonna lie, I’m not a fan of the $70 price tag. It's a versittle device but it is hard to recommend it to someone when the price tag is that close to $100 dollars.

Around the Web: 4.2
Currently as of March 15, 2016 this product is carrying a 4.2 on Amazon.

I like this laser and0 will be keeping it around for especially for the upcoming holiday season. The red and green Lasers will look awesome lighting up a Pine tree.