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Meet The Drone Gaming Controller by Evolution Controllers

Video Games are everywhere; they are on your PCs, smartphones, tablets etc. Have you ever wanted to control them with one device rather than get frustrated with on-screen button layout or having to root / hack your device so it is compatible with the Bluetooth stack of you video game console controllers… Well the guys over at Evolution Controllers may have a solution for you with their Drone.

Developer: Evolution Contorllers (TeamEvo)
Type: Gaming Controller
KickStarter Goal: 30,000
                Pledged 34,198 
End Date: Saturday November 23, 2013 by 3:00 AM EST

Countless pages of sketches, foam molds, 3D prints and we finally found a design that we all loved. We manufactured a few hundred beta controllers and collected feedback, we took this feedback and made the changes. In the video above and pictures below you can see the current prototype of the DRONE, new high precision joysticks with center click, 10 face buttons, 2 bumpers, 2 triggers. Thanks to our great community for the feedback and helping us create this awesome controller. Now we need your help to start production and get the DRONE into your hands.

When designing the Drone compatibility was a huge task. We wanted to make a controller that was open and could work with just about anything. Below are some of our favorite gaming devices.  (This is NOT an iOS 7 Controller, however it does connect and play using iCade.)

Game Anywhere
Whether at home, traveling, camping, riding the bus, at school or work we wanted a single controller that can work across multiple devices and platforms bringing you all the games you love.

Games + SDK
We are happy to announce that we are working with many game studios and some of the top developers. We have an extensive games list that is growing everyday, you can find it on our website. If you're a developer and looking to add controller support to your games it is easy and we don't require NDA's or proprietary protocols. Just shoot us an email and we will be happy to start working with you.

Everybody is different and we wanted you to be able to customize the Drone the way you want it. Choose from our exciting colors. High Gloss Black, Matte Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, and a limited edition KickStarter Green.  

Open Source
You can find all our code on our GitHub repository. Download the free software development studio by clicking here. Be apart of the gaming evolution and write your own custom firmware and upload code to the Drone via micro USB. Make it work with virtually anything!

Battery Life
The Drone has a rechargeable lithium ion battery giving you 17+ hours of straight game play. It has a 4 hour charge time and standby time of 7+ days. 

Each Drone will ship in a magnetic snap box containing micro usb and carrying bag that doubles as a device screen cleaner.” – Via the Drone KickStarter Page

What I like (So Far):
-        Comes in a wide array of colors (liking both the blue & green)
-        Open Source
-        Battery life
-        Compact
-        Wide Compatibility
-        Durability

What’s bugging me…
-        Maybe a little too compact (I have big hands)
-        Triggers on the bottom of the device may take some getting used to.

My Thoughts
This project has me interested… I am and probably always will be a gamer. My issue with gaming on non-dedicated mobile devices is the controls suck, and it’s always a hassle to get you console controllers to work properly. Early this year I purchased the GameStop Red Samurai Controller and it is ok but it’s bulky to carry around and the D-Pad sucks. The Drone appears to have neither of these short comings so I’m looking forward to it.