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Camera MX Review for Android

Got a boring OEM Camera app? Need a photo editor? Want a cleaned up gallery app? MAGIX is hoping that Camera MX if the app you've been looking for. 

CameraMX for Android Review
Developer: MAGIX (
Genre: Camera | Camera Software
Platform: Android
Price: Free for Standard & $.99 for Full Version
Device used: LG Google Nexus 4 - experience may vary from device to device...

Google Play Description
“Get creative with your camera - combine effects and photo frames live in the camera. Optimize and edit your best photos and share them with friends on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Add an extra something to your photos by presenting them in animated photo slideshows with your favorite music.
Camera MX is free. You can unlock an effect package that gives you even more creative possibilities for only $0.99 (£0.79): Stunning effects (HDR, TiltShift & Little Planet), awesome frames and overlays and the functionality to trim your videos and keep only the best parts.”

What is it?
Camera MX is a camera replacement app for android that consists of a Camera, Video Camera, Gallery and Editing Software.

What’s Hot?
-        Clean Gallery
-        Lots of editing features
-        Lots of Filters that you can customize 
-        Most features are unlocked without the license
-        The ability to add FXs before you take a picture

What’s Not…
-        Shutter Lag
-        No Touch to focus during Video Recording
-        No taking pics during video Recording
-        Filters and FX don’t work for Videos
-        Quick start was a miss for me…

Final Thoughts:
MAGICX AG did a really good job with this app. CameraMX has most of the standard features that you will find on Smart Phone camera apps. It also has a lot more fluff so to speak that seem to be the crave right now (i.e. Filters and frames). I can’t help but feel that this app would be a lot better if it had things like burst shot, Macro, touch to focus when video recording, taking pictures while video recording etc.

I recommend this app to anyone who is looking to replace their dull camera app or if you are looking for an all-in-one camera app (Camera, Video Camera, Gallery, & Photo editor).

Design | UI:  4.5
Features: 4
Photo quality: 4
Video Quality: 4.5
Average (Google Play): 4.4

21.5 / 25


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