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Google I/O 2017 Starts Today | Tech News

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Its that time of year again where Google loyalist and, Android Worriers go bonkers over upcoming Google services.

Okay so the above description may seem sarcastic but in general Google I/O is good for all fan of technology and computer software, because what google showcases typically affect all platforms.

What to expect?
  • Re-branding or Killing off of dwindling software / services. - In the past we have seen Google re-brand or kill of software / services that development has grown stagnant. I wouldn't Be surprised to see Google Hangouts be next on the list... 
  • Vastly improved Google photos. - Google always seems to be taking Google Photos to the next level. I wouldn't be surprised to see major improvements.
  • Better Windows Integration - While Windows is probably their biggest competitors there is no denying that Windows 10 turned out to be a big success. I feel like they will be finding some way to integrate their services better with windows. 
  • Partnerships - Google loves high-profile partnerships with 3rd party developers. Personally I think that Adobe may be the one they are going after this year. Well see what happens. 
  • Possibly a glimpse at new prototype / hardware

What Not to expect?
  • New hardware unveilings - That is normally done in September / October 
  • Official Name of Android 8.0. - That is normally done by placing a statue on Google's lawn... 

While my enthusiasm for Google events have died down dramatically over the past year, I am still hoping that this event will re-ignite the flame. Will see what happens. 

What Are You Thoughts...?