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BlitzWolf Earbuds Review | Tech Review

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Toe dipping into the wonderful world of wired earbuds. Honestly I’m so tired of the default white earpods what don’t work correctly outside of the Apple world.

BlitzWolf BW-VOX1
Manufacturer: BlitzWolf
Genre: Headphones w/ Mic | Earbuds
Price: $32.99
Where to Buy?

What is it?
These are in-ear headphones made by a company called BlitzWolf. The company’s idea was to make an appealing and quality pair of earphones.

What’s Hot?
  • Beautiful design
  • Great audio quality
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Extras in the box

What’s not?
  • Slightly uncomfortable

Design - 4.5
These headphones are beautifully designed. They mixed a subtle matte black and a gun metal gray. They are calling it an oxidized CD metal. The 3.5mm jack is 24k Gold plated.

Build Quality - 4.5
I’m typically careful with all my wired headphones knowing that many of them and break or fail pretty easily. I’ve been using theses for the last 3 weeks in a variety of situations, and I have to say they have been holding up really good.

Audio Quality -  5
Coming from Apple’s standard earpods as my daily go to earphones this is a huge upgrade in audio quality. While they are touting noise canceling I’m not sure if this could be considered truly noise canceling but they do mute outside noise.
Value - 4.5
These earbuds are worth the price of admission but they would be even better if they were sub $30.

Around the web - 4.4
These earbuds are currently holding a 4.4 on Amazon.

I am actually glad I misplaced my Apple Earpods a few weeks back, because I would have never looked to replace them. These earbuds sound, look, and function better than Apple’s earpods. They cost around the same but these also don't age badly. Personally I am not a fan of any earbuds and find them uncomfortable but some situations prohibit me from using over the ear headphones so this is where these come into play.  If You are looking for a nice pair of wired earbuds that won't break the bank and that will isolate sound, you won't go wrong here.

22.9 / 25