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Weekly Wrap Up | Week of 5/22/2016

Beauty and the Beast gets an Live action overhaul, The Legend of Zelda will be taking over E3 Nintendo Booth, and things are starting to grind our gears...
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Disney Releases its first trailer for its upcoming Live Action film Beauty And The Beast. Check out the trailer in our article HERE!!!

Not only will Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda be taking over E3 2016 this year but it will be taking control of the Nintendo World Store in NYC. That right you can score a chance to play the upcoming Nintendo blockbuster staring Link for the Wii U at Nintendo NYC Store. For more info check out our Article HERE!!!

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company has been real tight lipped when it came to this upcoming Mobile title Pokémon Go. They are now starting to leak out more information. Find out more in our Article HERE!!!

While I love most things Tech and Gaming some things that the developers, manufacturers, and even fanboys do that really grind my gears. This week the Google Camera App grinds my gears. Find out why in this weeks Article HERE!!!

Other News...
  • Sega and Sonic Team possibly working on a new Sonic the Hedgehog game. The Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page has been teasing us with hints that they are working on a new game. HERE!!! is the most recent one.  

Coming Soon...
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  • X-Men Apocalypse Review
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