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Google iO 2016 Wrap Up | The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...

Google IO was this week and if have to say it kinda caught me off guard... I knew it was coming but i totally forgot the main keynote was going to fall on a Wednesday... 
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What is it...?
Google IO is basically a developer conference presented by Google, similar to WWDC which is what Apple does every year. During this conference Google google generally shows off what they have been working on over the last 12 month to get enthusiast excited about what is soon to come. 

The Good
  • Google Home: Google announced Google Home which is basically a sup'd up version of Google now but in the form of a bluetooth speaker. It will be the main competitor and direct competitor to Amazon's own speaker assistant the Amazon Echo. For a better look at google home check out This Video.
  • Google Now Becomes Google Assistant: Google is revamping Google Now once again. Along with a name change google is also making Google Assistant more conversational. While I like the name change so far Google Assistant Hasn't made any significant leaps forward as of yet.
  • Android N Looks Very Promising: While Android N isn't anything new to people of the dev community being that it was readily available in the developer preview form to the public for a while. Now it has moved a step closer to release as it has entered BETA. You can actually get it OTA style if you go to (note that you need to have at least a Nexus 6 or newer device to sign up). We will go over the new and cool features at a later date. 
  • Android Wear 2.0: A update to android wear is coming, which should improve wear devices significantly cant wait for this one. 
  • Allo and DUO (Google's New Messaging apps): Google announced new messaging apps Allo and DUO. Allo is basically a updated hangouts app with some features from kik messenger and Snapchat. DUO is basically an updated hangouts app (the video calling section) with a new knock knock feature that will allow you to view what the caller is doing before you answer... This can become very creepy very fast... 
  • Google Announced Daydream: Daydream appears to be a re-branded Google Cardboard app / ecosystem. What really caught my eye about this is google is working on a VR headset that isn't cardboard that comes with a wand like controller. Nintendo WiiVR plans probably just got torn right out from under them... 
  • Android instant Apps: Ever need to use a app that isn't installed currently on your device? Now you dont have have to force your self to download a 40mb app just to purchase something from walmart online. Instant apps will download only the essential components you need to complete the function that you needed the app for. 

The Bad...
  • No New NEXUS Devices Announcement: While IO hasn't been the place where Google has announced nexus devices, they are usually hinted. From what we have seen there were no implications. 
  • No Google Home Release Date or Price was Released: Google have not gave use a Price for their Amazon Echo killer but, I'm guessing it will run us at least $150. I have come to this conclusion because the Amazon Echo is retailing for $179, and Google is probably panning to undercut them. I could be wrong though being that in the past Google has chosen some outrageous prices for their devices in the past (OnHub, Google Glass, Motorola Nexus 6, Nexus Q to name a few).

The Ugly...
  • Re-Branding: That moment you realize google is re-branding apps that we already have and making duplicate apps. This started at last years Google IO when they announced Android Pay. Android Pay is was basically Google Wallet minus Google's own bank services. Then Google announced they are killing off their bank service so wallet became useless. Now Google announces Allo and DUO which is basically Google Hangouts broken down into 2 separate apps. Google DayDream is basically what we know as Cardboard. The features will improve but like the name of the bullet point says it just Re-Branded. 
  • Android Wear 2.0: Google is taking the Samsung route with android wear... soon everyone will be talking to their wrist like the old-school Power Rangers. I originally loved the idea of android wear, where it was notifications at a glance on your wrist. I feel like they are trying to hard to make a watch something its not when they add too much like keyboards and voice calling etc. 
  • Android N: There are no good deserts or pastries that start with the letter N... 

Final Thoughts
I wasn't hugely impressed with Google IO but i have to say that there was a lot of good that came out of it.