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Watchface Wednesday - Zoe Jordan

Need a classy official designer watch-face? Check out this by Zoe Jordan.
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Zoe Jordan
Developer: Zoe Jordan
Platform: Android Wear
Tested On: Moto 360 (1st Gen)
Price: Free
Download Link

Product Description
Channel London fashion cool with designer Zoe Jordan's 5 watch faces portraying a week's moments.

What is it?
Basically its 5 different watch faces designed by Zoe Jordan (Popular fashion designer from London).

  • 5 different watch faces to choose from

What's hot
  • 5 watch faces
  • Smooth animations
  • Free

What's not
  • Not interactive
  • On one of the watch faces the hands are reversed.

Design: 3.5
Overall I'm not too impressed by the design. They are all pretty clean but noting to eye catching. Nothing really pops and says look at me which can be both a good and a bad thing. Good because in fashion a watch is an accessory to what you are wearing. If the watch is overstated it generally means that it is drawing attention from the overall outfit. The simple yet clean design of the watch faces are supposed to complement what ever else you are wearing. Zoe Jordan accomplished this. This is bad because there is nothing special about the watch faces.

Features: 3
Besides having multiple faces to choose from there really isn't anything else to the watch faces..

Performance: 4
In my expierence battery life is on the better side of the spectrum. Actually I was able to get through a whole day on ambient mode using one of the black themed ones. I did also find the scrolling between different watches a tad laggy as well.

Value: 4.5
You can't really beat free but they should polish the watch faces a bit.

Around the web: 4
Via Google Play Store

Final Thoughts:
I like and will keep it installed . I'm just hoping that it is updated soon with more features and they polish out the bugs a bit.