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Motorola Nexus 6 Revisited - Review

Why would someone choose the aging Motorola Nexus 6 over a newer more powerful device? Hopefully this review should help you understand.
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Nexus 6
Manufacturer: Motorola
Genre: Mobile Phone | Tech
Price: $349.99 +

Product Description:
“Stunning 6-inch Quad HD display is great for movies, videos, gaming, e-books, and surfing the web, with round-the-clock battery life. It includes Phone, Charger and Quick Guides. Compatible with Google Project Fi wireless network.” - Amazon

  • 5.96 inch AMOLED Display 1440x2560 (493 ppi) w/ Gorilla Glass 3
  • Ships with Android 5.0 upgradeable to android 6+ via OTA
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 w/ Adreno 420 GPU
  • 3GB of RAM and comes with either 32 / 64 GB or ROM
  • 13MP rear-facing camera with OIS, capable of shooting at 2160p @30FPS
  • Front Facing Stereo speakers
  • Non-Removable 3220 mAh Battery
  • NFC
  • Qi / Wireless Charging

What is it?
As the name suggests it is the 6th phone in Google’s Nexus line as well as their first phone sporting a 6 inch screen. Well technically it has a 5.95 inch display.

What’s Hot
  • Beautiful AMOLED Display. Not the prettiest one but a really nice one.
  • Price
  • Front Facing speakers
  • Nicely built
  • Inductive Charging
  • Supports Google Fi Network
  • QI Wireless Charging

What’s Not
  • Motorola Tramp stamp
  • While the camera is one of the best ones found in Nexus devices it still mediocre at best.
  • No removable battery
  • No Expandable Memory
  • Camera while not Terrible it's just meh…

Design: 4.5
For the most part, all of the Nexus Devices were designed really nicely. With the Nexus 6 it is no different. It has a hard plastic back and encased by a metal chassis with a 6” AMOLED display on the front. The front of the device is devoid of any buttons or indicator lights which gives the nexus 6 a clean look. It has front facing speakers that are built into the screen. The left side of the Nexus 6 is clean. The Right Side has the Volume rocker as well as a rigged power button. Bottom has the MicroUSB port and the top has the SIM tray and headphone jack. I wish the volume buttons were located either lower or on the left hand side of the device. I always seem to press them when i pick up the device. Plus it’s a lot harder to take screenshots w/ one hand…

Performance: 4
I was a bit shocked but i haven’t ran into any real performance issues. There is a slight bug that I was getting when using Spotify (at times when opening into the app it wouldn’t play any volume while the song was playing. This may be a Spotify bug or a bug with android 6.0 because I don’t remember this while I was on lollipop.). The phone does run hot when playing GPU intensive games. The audio sounds great coming out of the front facing speakers. The aren’t the best i heard but definitely still only second to HTC BoomSound. The Camera is probably the biggest disappointment of the the device in my opinion. It isn’t a terrible camera, actually it is a really capable shooter with 13MP w/ OIS and an aperture of ƒ2.0. The real killer is shutter lag, and meh camera app (get one from the play store…). I’m not a huge selfie shooter but if you are you may be disappointed due to it only having a 2MP shooter on the front.

Battery Life: 4.5
Originally i would have gave the battery life a 3 - 3.5, but since the update to Marshmallow i can easily get a day of use out of it with 4-5 hours screen on time.

Price / Value : 4.5
Probably the most controversial issue is the price. Originally when i first used the Nexus 6, way back when i would have never forked over the money for it. I just didn’t seem like $650 was the right price for what you are getting. Now that it is $349 it’s well worth it and I highly recommend it. It puts it in the price range of the Middle to High end devices. In other words it a no brainer. If you want android in the purest form but don’t want to break the bank for the Nexus 6P get this.

Around The Web: 4.3
Via - Amazon

Final Thoughts:
So the running question that I have been receiving a lot lately is why I went back to the nexus 6 over going to one of the newer devices or the Nexus 6P. The simplest answer I can give is that it’s the best value available. It doesn’t have the best camera, nor the best display, battery life, processor / performance but, it just works… (Kinda Reminds me of another device that just works... )

21.8 / 25

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