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1ByOne Super LED Dome Light - Review

Have a party coming up and need some lighting to set the atmosphere? 1ByOne has the solution for you with their Super LED Dome Light.
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Super LED Dome Light
Manufacturer: 1ByOne
SKU: O00QS-0060
Genre: Party Lighting | Lighting
Price: $42.99 | $36.00 on Amazon now

What is it?
This is a disco light that uses a prism dome rather than the traditional dotted or blocked dome. it results in a unique lighting effect on whatever location it shines on. This Disco ball also is sound reactive and supports DMX in and out.

  • LED Wattage 6 x 3W
  • Main Materials ABS and SPCC
  • Dimension 220 x 220 x 185 mm
  • Product Power Consumption 12W
  • Outlet Adapter: Input AC 100-240, Output: 12V 1500mA
  • Working Modes: Automatic, Sound Control, DMX512 Control
  • Light Source: 2pcs red LEDs, 1pc Yellow LED, 1pc Green LED, 1pc White LED, 1pc Blue LED.
  • With sound response or operate automatically. The light can be controlled by DMX512 with 6 channel control.

What’s Hot
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Super Bright (Don’t look directly into the sun lol)
  • Low Power consumption
  • Has a built in mounting bracket.
  • Easy to use
  • Instructions actually help
  • Sound sensitivity knob is pretty nice addition
  • Good build quality

What’s Not:
  • Power cable is very short especially if you plan on mounting on a ceiling.
  • Motor is a bit loud…

Build Quality: 4.5
At a glance it is hard to find any design flaws with this disco ball. Under closer inspection it is still hard to find any flaws. This is a slight bleed of blue if you look at the control panel if you look where it connect to the metal. The power cord is on the short side but it is noting that an extension cord can’t fix.

Features: 4.5
While this disco light isn’t bursting with features, in my experience all the features work as they should.

Ease of use: 5
As long as you follow the instructions you shouldn’t have any real issues. Everything is pretty much self explanatory.

Price: 4.5
Chances are you won’t find another disco ball of this magnitude at this price so if you are looking for a good one with DMX control this is it.

Around the web: 4.6
Rating via Amazon

23.1 / 25

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