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Google IO 2015 Wrap-Up

This week was Google’s big week to shine with its Developer’s Conference Dubbed Google IO. Show how did they do? What Did they show off?
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What is it?
Well before i get into to goods of what happened at this years Google IO, I might as well explain what it is. Google IO is a Developers Conference that Google host every year. They have been doing now since 2008. The conference basically shows off what Google is currently working on that will be released in the near future. They also show off concepts that display what we may see in the future.

What did they Show?
  • Android Wear
  • Android Autos  
  • Android TV
  • Android M
  • Android Pay
  • Google Photos
  • Google Expeditions
  • Google Cardboard
  • Now on Tap
  • Offline Maps
  • Jump
  • Android One
  • Google Play Store

What’s Hot
  • Android Wear -  While they didn’t really show anything that we didn't know about already, I’m happy that the rollout of the update is on its way. Actually Google has already updated the Android Wear App in the Google play Store to support the new Firmware, Now it is just up to the manufacturers to push out the updates. This is the main flaw of google not making a nexus watch. We have to play the waiting game until the Manufacturers feel the time is right to push the update. I’m loving the new integration that will be coming to wear companion apps like Spotify,
  • Offline Maps - I am so hyped for this. This biggest flaw with google maps is the lack of offline usability. The purpose of of GPS is to make it so you won't be lost when you are away from your familiar place, but there were so many times when i traveled and was completely lost due to not having a data or strong GPS signal. Dont believe me try traveling down i 95 heading south or through the boonies of NJ on T-Mobile’s network. using google’s navigation (it's a nightmare). Google Maps Offline should fix all these issues. They are also allowing the maps to be searchable i.e POI integration offline.
  • Now on Tap - This is probably the most interesting feature in the Upcoming Android M release. This is basically your current Google Now on steroids. Let me try to paint a picture for you. Imagine watching a Movie Trailer on Youtube and you notice Dwayne Johnson is starring in the the film. With Now On Tap you will be able to hold the Circle (Soft button) and it will bring up info about the Film or Dwayne Johnson {in theory}.Or say you someone sends you a text message asking you if you want to go check out this new film you never heard of. Pressing and holding the home button while you are in the messaging up will bring up an info card about that said film without you having to make a search for it. Its a pretty cool and kind of creepy concept.
  • Google Cardboard / Expeditions - Google Cardboard was introduced at last year’s Google IO and i have to say i wasn’t really impressed. In many ways i kind of looked at it as a cheap cop-out of what could have been really VR tech. Flash forward to this current Google IO where they announced Google Expeditions. This totally reinvents what i thought something like VR would be used for. It all totally makes sense to me now. Google Expeditions is basically every educator’s dream. Imagine taking your 4th grade class on a field trip every week? How about every day? How about to every state in the USA? How about under the ocean or in outer space? This is all possible with Google Expeditions. Cardboard in theory should be totally cheap to manufacturer, so it should be cheap to purchase. As of right now it still isn’t available to the public but i can see it becoming available in the near future.  
  • Google Photos - The Google Photos app received another upgrade and it's even better than ever. It isn’t a complete overhaul due it being materialized not to long ago. It has received some much needed upgrades like the way you select multiple pictures, or the face detected grouping. Or the Free Unlimited backing up of HQ photos and videos.

What's Not
  • Re-showing / Re-branding - Google wasn’t as ambitious as they were in the past. Some would even say they played it real safe. I on the other hand think that they are reminding people that they have services out there that people seem to forgot about. Here are a few examples Android Pay (Seriously, there are no real main differences between Android Pay and Google Wallet. If anything they just added features like fingerprint reading. Google really didn’t have to rebrand the product.), Google Cardboard (it was announced last year and not much has changed beyond the amount of folds it takes to put it together and it now supports 6 inch displays.), Android Wear (Besides showing off 3rd party apps nothing was really new on the android wear side of things. They should have at least pushed out the update to devices….. ) and Android One...
  • Jump - If you don’t know what jump is ill try to explain it as simple as possible. Basically its an array of 16 action cameras connected to an assembler. It will basically be used to take Google Street view like Videos. That right think google Street Views but it’s a moving video. Crazy shit right? So the question is why is this in the Not Hot section, well to put it simply it will cost an arm and a leg to build a camera rig like this. Even a few years from now. 16 basic Go Pros right now would cost about 2100 and this doesn’t include the assembler. This would be mainly targeted at a niche crowd of rich people and focused cinematographers.

The Meh…
  • Android M - Okay dont get me wrong, I’m all for the improvements of Android M like Power Management, Permission Management, Volume Management, etc. But I don't know, I still  feel a tad underwhelmed by what they showed on the android side of things.. Honestly speaking I wasn’t expecting much being that it is still a 5.x.x version of Android,
  • Android Autos - … Besides the center console running android and all the awesomeness that comes with that, Android and cars or cars that don’t require drivers don’t really interest me that much. Come on google impress me!!!
  • Android TV - Besides HBO Now becoming available nothing new here…
  • Google Play Store - Google play gets family friendly. I guess its the best way i can describe it…  

My Thoughts
Google, Google, Google…. What happened..? It seems like you neglected to discuss many of you services and where are they headed towards. I was kind of hoping for more announcements to services like Blogger, YouTube, Docs, Hangouts, Google Plus, Play Music, etc. Even Updates on devices like Project Ara, and Google Glass (which is rumored to be scrapped maybe it is true…?). Maybe we’ve (I’ve) been spoiled from previous years that this year just seems underwhelming.   

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