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Review - Mickey Mouse Watch Face

Looking for an Animated Mickey Mouse Watch face similar to the one for the #AppleWatch ? 
This one is clearly the best available option. 
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Mickey Mouse Mouse Face 
Platform: Android Wear
Developer: MartyMcFly68 (Marty Mcfly)
Version: 2.1

What is it?
Mickey Mouse Watch face similar to the ones you used to pick up at Walt Disney World where Mickey's arms are the clock hands. This watch face is animated so you will see Mickey slightly bouncing back and forth and blinking. He also taps his left foot. 

In ambient mode everything is grey scale.
Mickey also doesn't move... 
What's Hot?

  • Free 
  • Nicely Designed 
  • Has a grey scale ambient mode

Whats not....
  • Mickey doesn't quite tap his foot every second like the Apple Watch variant
  • Lacks features 

Design: 4.5
The Mickey Mouse watch face is nicely designed and looks great on all android wear watches (Square and Circular). I hope in future versions you will be able to customize the the background. 

Performance: 4.5
I've used this watch face on and off for a while now and rarely had any hiccups with it. I can remember one instance when the watch face wouldn't refresh the time and it was displaying the wrong time. Battery wise it doesn't seem to use anymore battery life than the stock watch faces. 

Features: 3.0
Beyond the animated Mickey, this watch face is pretty  much featureless.. Its not necessarily a bad thing but it would nice to add  date / weather or steps.

Price: 5.0
Currently this watch face is free via the Developer's Tumblr website. You cant really beat that...

Final Thoughts
I'm not the biggest Mickey Mouse fan but, I have to admit this is a pretty sweet watch face. Before i had this watch face i always get asked if my Moto 360 is a "iWatch", using this watch face makes those questions even more abundant 


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