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Wallpaper of the Week (2) - Simply Google Dark

Wallpaper of the week

Simply Google Dark

Artist ( +David Sumner )

This wallpaper of the week kind fits this week perfectly as in that it has been 25 years of  the web (Read more here). And what else do you think of but Google when you think about the internet. I made this simple wallpaper in Adobe Photoshop. 

Artist: +David Sumner 
Favorite Style: Pencil (Cartoon Portraits) 
Link to Works: DeviantART 
Contact: Twitter | Google+ | eMail
About the Artist:
Originally I considered myself a pencil artist (well a mechanical pencil artist because I would almost never use your standard pencils because i hated the feel of them.) but then got more and more interested in digital art after browsing the amazing work on DeviantART. I eventually got into Graphic Design after being commissioned to make a few album covers and flyers for people. Eventually I have gotten into Web Design because I was commissioned to a few webpages for people. Currently Photography and Cinematography has caught my eye though i still do all of the above when i have spare time. 

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