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Meet the Apple iPhone 5c and 5s

So the new iPhones are here will you be picking one up?

The apple iPhone 5C is a cheaper (not that much cheaper) version of the iPhone that is made out of plastic. In other words it is basically an iPhone 5 made out of plastic. Actually you will find little to no differences between the the iPhone 5 and the 5c, they are basically the same phone except one is made out of plastic, ships with iOS 7, and comes in 5 colors, On new contract it will retail at $99 for 16GB and, $199 for the 32GB. Off contract the iPhone 5c will retail at a whopping $549 16GB and $649 32GB. I will also add that you can no longer purchase the original 5 from the Apple Store.... All of the accessories will retail at $29. 

Case also comes in 5 colors

iPhone 5s

This is where the actual upgrades comes in to play. The iPhone 5s has a new chip set (The Apple A7 and M7), a new 15% larger iSight sensor, Touch iD (Fingerprint sensor) , and iOS 7. Overall the iPhone 5s is barbarically a hulked up iPhone 5 which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I feel like apple could have did a bit more with it like increased the screen size a bit, The iPhone 5s Retails at $199 for the 16GB, $299 for the 32GB, and the $399 for the 64GB on contract. Unlocked version will retail at a whopping $649, $749, and $849. The iPhone 5 will come in 3 colors (Silver, Spice grey, and Gold). 

Source ~ Apple