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Blipfoto for Android and iOS Review

Want a Photo-Sharing app that is not Instagram? Then +Blipfoto may be for you. 

This is basically what you see when
you view a post in portrait mode. 
Developer: Blipfoto
Version: 1.4 (Android)
Genre: Photography
Platform: Android, iOS, Online (PC / Linux / Mac)

Google Play Description:
“Save your life with Blipfoto - a friendly community founded on a simple idea; taking and sharing just one photo a day.

Whether you're challenging yourself to a 365 project or just looking to share daily life through a simple photo journal, you'll find Blipfoto amazing and addictive. You'll make new friends, discover some incredible photographs and read inspiring stories from like-minded people in every part of the world.”

What is it?
Take a Photo-Journal and then add a social element to it then you get Blipfoto.

-          Cool concept
-          Some cool features

-          App is laggy
-          App is a bit buggy
-          App isn’t widely used in my area
-          App notification seem to come in way after email notifications
-          App feels a bit bloated
-          Only one entry per day

This is what the app looks like in landscape mode
but its strange that it doesn't rotate the menu
buttons. (This is probably why you still get the portrait Screen shot
My Thoughts:
I always find Photography apps to be amusing specially ones that allow you to share your work with large audiences. Instagram in probably the biggest mobile application to do this right, but I like the direction Blipfoto is taking this their app. It is more journal based which is pretty unique but that’s about all that makes it stand apart. The app needs a much larger audience (1k – 5k installs on android just isn’t going to cut it when you have competitors like Instagram) to be a more effective service. The one Entry per-day limitation is a bit of a bummer if you ask me, but it does promote posting your best pic of the day. 

I recommend this app to the photography nuts that love to share their bests work. Yeah this app is lacking and is not as popular as others like Instagram but it has potential to become bigger and a lot better than it is now.

UI: 3.5
Features: 3.5
Stability / Performance: 3
Replay: 3
Average (Google Play | iTunes): 3.7

16.7 / 25