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LQ-001 Universal Clip-On Lens Review

Interested in Smartphone Lenses? Find out whether the LIEQI 3 piece set is right for you. 

Fisheye? More like Drunkeye

Lieqi 3 piece Lens kit for Smartphones
Manufacturer: Lieqi
Category: Smartphone | Camera
Price: $14.60

This is what's in the box

-          Model LQ-001
-          Color: Black
-          Material, Aluminum alloy housing + High Quality Optical glass lens
-          Compatible Models: Universal, HTC, iPhone, Samsung Galaxies, Tablets etc.
-          Lens Effects 0.67X Wide angle, 180 Degrees Fish Eye, Macro
-          Clip lens, convenient to use, Macro Lens can take clear photo of small objects (the diameter of the object smaller than 16mm)
-          0.67X wide angle lens can shoot large range of scenery; 180 degree of the scene can be captured by fish eye lens, which can let you enjoy the unread world. To use this lens enable you easily enjoy photography and find the instant beauty of the week.
-          Universal clip compatible with most of the cellphone and tablet PC
-          Packing List
-          1 X Fish Eye lens
-          1 X Wide angle + Macro lens
-          2 X Lens caps
-          1 X Clip
-          1 X Cloth bag” – via

Before wide angle lens 
After wide angle lens 

What is it?
This is a lens kit for your smartphone or rather any mobile device (Smartphone / Tablet/ iPod). You get a wide angle, a macro, and a fish eye lens. You use the clip to attach the lens to your device and you are good to go.

The Good:
-          Cheap
-          You get 3 lens, well technically 2
-          Works with pretty much any smartphone

The Bad:
-          It’s cheap
-          Slow shipping from

The Ugly
The moment you realize that the fish eye lens won’t focus on the Nexus 4 or any of the devices I own... (Nexus 4, Nexus 7, iPod Touch, iPhone 4s)

Taken with the Macro lens
My Thoughts:
For the lenses that worked while I tested it out I have to say it met my expectations. My phone naturally takes wide angle pictures so the wide angle lens doesn't make that huge of a difference but it does work. The macro lens works like you would expect but it if I had one gripe would be that it takes away a little too much depth of field. Now to the fish eye lens, It just doesn't want to focus on my Nexus 4, I tried everything including reassembling the lens but to no avail. I also tried it on my Nexus 7 and iPod touch and had the same issue so I just going to label it a bust for now.

I find it hard to recommend this product to anyone because only 2/3 of it works. I may just have  a defective one but the fisheye lens just doesn’t work as far as I’m concerned.  If you are a photo-nut or just want to get more functionality out of you cell phone camera this may something cool to check out.

Build Quality: 3
Features: 3
Usefulness: 4
Value: 3
Average: 4


All of the images were taken with the Google Nexus 4