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Who will the mysterious 5th character be in ULTRA Street Fighter IV?

Who will it be?

First off who were they other 4 that they added....?

Rolento made his first video game appearance in Final Fight. He was later adapted into Street Fighter Alpha II and Street Fighter Alpha III. 

Like Rolento, Poison made her first appearance in Final Fight. Her next appearance was what down the line in Street Fighter X Tekken (She did make a few other appearances but wasn't a playable character). 

  Okay so I'm not sure why CAPCOM decided to bring Hugo back, never liked him but i guess he has some sort of following for them to bring him back. Hugo originally appeared in Final Fight and later appeared in Street Fighter III. He later appeared in Street Fighter X Tekken. 

I'm actually happy to see Elena back and ready for Ultra Street Fighter IV. She originally appeared in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. She eventually became a playable character via DLC in Street Fighter X Tekken. 

Now the question is who will be the fifth character...? 

I'm kind of hoping its:

 From Street Fighter III
I really like him in Street Fighter III even though he is considered a low tier character and one of the weakest shotos. I feel he is different enough to deserve a comeback. We'll see though. 

if not Sean i hoping it is a completely new character. 

Hopefully its not another grappler....