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My Top Android Apps (Phone Edition) - II

Favorite Android Apps Phone Edition
Device: Nexus 4
Week of: Sunday July 7th 2013

Though i'm not a fan of Facebook anymore about 75% of my friends and family are so I end of using it more than i care to. It a good thing that they have been improving their app over the years and it isn't a bad as i used to be. 

Okay so I'm going to sugar coat this, Vine on android sucks compared to the iOS counterpart. Yes it is functional but it is not as fluid nor does it have the features that the iOS version has. Updates are a bit on the slow side as well, I mean we just got the front facing camera feature. 

Instagram is on of my favorite apps on android. Personally I love photography but as of late I haven't had much time to focus on it. That will change soon enough though. Personally i need to start following people who actually post decent photography. I'm so tired of my timeline being filled with bottles of booze and internet memes. 

Chrome may not be the quickest internet browser on the internet but it is probably the most functional one. It works like a dream on the Nexus 4 too. 

Honestly I don't know how this app made the list because I rarely use it. I guess "My most used Apps" goes by the duration that the app was used and i do remember going through past notifications that i have received (there were a lot of em....). Overall this app is pretty good thing is i just don't use Tumblr much anymore. 

Kind of expected this to be number 1 or number 2 on my list this week... Google Plus is always improving and its my new Facebook. My only issue it trying to get people to make the change... 

This is no big surprise to me being close to the top of the list... I receive a lot of emails daily so I'm always opening and closing this app. Gmail like most other Google IPs has only gotten better over the years and is clearly the best Mail Client out there... 

Like Facebook, Twitter isn't a place i enjoy to spend much time, but i do engage in conversations from time to time. I've tried so many twitter apps in the past and this is probably my overall favorite. I so miss TweetDeck though...

This one also shocked me a bit being that i have only used it once in the past week but, I did use it for an extended period. gStrings is a Guitar / Instrument tuner but i use it for more than that. i use it to help me when I'm training vocalist to sing in key. 

I was surprised that i have used this app that much. Personally i find it to under-featured and wish that Google would overhaul the app. 

Week of July 7th 2013

That is it for this week if you have any suggestions for apps, etc. 
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Big ups to +Neils Henze (webstie) Creator of the app that I'm using to determine my most used apps Review coming soon...