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MIUI for HTC Sensation Review

Developer: Xiaomi Tech
Base: Android 4.1 (Jellybean)
Version: 2.9.29

Music Player 

Developer Description
“MIUI is one of the most popular Android ROMs in the world. It is Android-based, featuring a more comfortable user experience and robust theme selection.
Every Friday, MIUI updates according to user feedback.”

What is it?
MIUI is a popular rom for android that has been around since the early days of android. It basically takes the complexity out of android and skins in it into a clean and simple UI.

  • Super Clean UI
  •  Super Smooth
  • Theming / Customization
  •  Music Player
  •  Messaging App
  • File Explorer App

-          No app draw
-          Feels a little too similar IOS
-          No live wallpapers
-          No front facing camera (it’s a Jellybean Kernel issue)
-          Camera is clunky |specially the video camera
-          No 1080p recording

The lock screen while
running the music player

My Thoughts:
MIUI is an awesome rom for android. If you are looking for something different from sense or even AOSP this might be for you. IF you hate IOS with a passion then you might not like this rom. On another note, this rom has the best music player I used on android. I seem to get graphical glitches while using the chrome web browser as in the stock browser. Also checking for an update causes the settings app to crash. Overall this is an excellent Rom for the HTC Sensation; in general either people hate it or love it.  

UI: 4
Features: 4.5
Performance: 5
Stability: 3.5
Battery life: 4.5

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