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Official XBMC Remote for Android - Review

Official XBMC Remote 
Developer: Team-XBMC
Version: O.8.8 Beta-1
Price: Free 

Google Play Description: 
“Full-featured remote control for XBMC Media Center, brought to you by Team-XBMC.
An open source, full-featured remote for XBMC. It features library browsing, direct remote control and a slick interface. It's still beta but we're getting there.”

What is it? 
Basically it is a remote for the XBMC app for PC. I’m not completely sure but I think it will also work with OSX and Linux.

- It works smoothly
- Text Entry
- Slick UI

- You have to go searching the web for installation instructions
- You can’t see movie INFO while you are watching movies
- The photos that you are looking at don’t show up on your phone.
- Had times when it was unresponsive

My Thoughts: 
I’m don’t really like reviewing apps that are still in Beta, but I will make an exception for this one because it works pretty flawlessly as is after you get it set up. I think this app is best suited for people who use XBMC on big screens. It is a cool feature to have an interactive remote but do you really need one if all of media is stored on your notebook? Probably lol. I’ll update this review if and when it gets out of beta.

What would I do to make this app better?
- Add a main search features or button that allow you to search all of your media
- Full Meta data should always be accessible (especially when whacking a movie)
- Photos that you are viewing should show up on your phone ass well.

UI - 4
Features - 4
Stability / Performance - 3.5
Price / Value - 4.5
Google Play - 4.7



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