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HandBrake for Windows, Mac, & Linux - Review

Handbrake Review 
Category: Media Coder 
Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux 
Developer: HandBrake Community 

What is it? 
HandBrake is an Open-Source media coder for window, Mac, and Linux. 

- Media Coder 
- Rips DVDs
- Ease of use
- So far, I have not had audio and video sync problems that I have had with other free coders
- Free

- Occasionally, you will get some errors 
- Limited to 2 output containers (MKV, and Mp4)
- Doesn’t remove Copyright Protection from DVDs

My Thoughts
HandBrake is an excellent free media coder that is available on the three major Oss. I have only really used it on three videos. From what I seen of it, it works really well. To rip DVDs you will need a program to remove the Copyright protection first. I use AnyDvD by SlySoft but I herd that DVD43 will also do the trick. 

UI - 3.5
Features - 3.5
Performance - 3.5
Stability - 4
Ease of Use - 3.5