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Neuro Sonic Nutritional Supplement Energy Drink - Review

Nutritional Supplement 

What is it:
NeuroSonic is carbonated energy drink from the series Neuro. It only has 35 calories per bottle and it supposedly has no artificial flavors.  Like vitamin water each bottle has a different summary of what the particular flavor will do for you.

What I like:
- it's a good coffee substitute

What I don't like: 
- $2.50 for a 14.5 oz bottle is a ripoff 
- it leaves a after taste 
- it taste terrible and I can't imagine the other flavors tasting any better.

My thoughts
Honestly it like one of the nastiest fluids that have ever touched my tongue . It tastes like someone took the diet ingredients that make diet drinks taste horrible and mixed it with the bitter juices from a rotten grapefruit... Hopefully they all dont  taste this bad. I can say 1 good thing about it, it really wakes you up. Idk if it was the foul taste or if was the caffeine, but I'm not really tired might taste better if you mix it.with some other kind of drink....

I give it 1 star out of 5. Mainly because it taste terrible. If you cant swallow the stuff what the sense of buying  it?