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Android Wish List 2012

Stuff I want to see happen for Android in 2012 

Make manufactures have a UI disable feature:
Not every one likes HTC's Sense UI, Samsung 's Touchwiz, Motorola's applications platform,  or what ever LG is calling theirs. Specially now that stock android is starting to look more user friendly and clean. It would be cool to have stock android 4.0 ICS with HTC's Sense widgets. It is kinda annoying to have to but a nexus phone to get AOSP.

Its bad enough that some manufacturers want to add they own signature apps to your new phone, but for carriers to do it too, and make it so you can uninstall them is just wrong. It defeats the purpose of android being open source. This is a east fix, just make it so you can uninstall carrier installed apps without rooting your phone.

Airpush Ads:
This is one of worse things... Yeah i know people want to make money, but being able to send ads straight to your notification bar is just a little invasive if you as me... Google please do away with this.

Mozilla Firefox:
OK Mozilla you have one of the best desktop browsers available, and you have for the last few years. But your mobile one needs work.  I have to say though, within 2011 you have made great leaps with it.  At first the browser was just unusable to me.  After your most recent update I find myself using it more often. 

Chrome web browser:
Alright Google,  your desktop browser is probably the best out there now.  Its about time you make an official web browser for your Android platform.

HTC & Samaung to make their Bluetooth stacks like the AOSP builds:
Ever wanted to use your PS3 or, Wii remote controller to control your games on your android device? Well you can't if your phone is running a custom manufacture UI like Sense or Touchwiz.  This can be fixed by Samsung and HTC fixing / rebuilding their Bluetooth stacks. 

More speedy updates for bug fixes etc: 
Don't you hate hearing your friend brag about their shiny new Nexus device just received another new OTA, and you having to wait 2-3+ months to receive the same one on your device that came out either the same time or possibly even newer. This delay is problem for most people, it happens because of the long process that goes into sending out OTA's on carrier branded phones. First the update goes to the manufacture then they send it to the carrier. The carrier then sends the updates out in waves. The three companies need to find a universal way to distribute these updates quicker.

Ever go to download a app or a game from one of the market and wonder why do they need your contacts info,  or GPS to play a game?  If you are a root user you dont have to worry too much about it because you can just disable that permission.  But for everyone else you have make a decision whether you want to download that app or not.  Everyone should have the option to choose not to share there personal info with certain apps. This is another easy fix.

Better battery management:
Android phones are notorious for having terrible battery life. With each update it does slightly improve but not by a big margin.