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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 | Afterthoughts

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After a long and almost unbearable wait Game of Thrones has finally returned to TV. Here are afterthoughts of the most recent episode Stormborn. If you didn't see Season 7 Episode 1-2, you will likely be spoiled by this article.

Episode Breakdown
  • The Episode opens up at dragon-stone during a storm where Tyrion and Daenerys are going over their plays to take back the Iron Throne. Daenerys confronts Varys about where his allegiance lies. He says it’s with the people of Westeros, Daenerys tells him if he attempts to betray her she will burn him alive.
  • Melisandre has reached dragon-stone and has a meeting with Daenerys. She speaks of the prophecy which seem to interest Daenerys. She also speaks of the King in the north Jon Snow. Daenerys tells Tyrion to send a raven to Winterfell to summon Jon Snow to Dragonstone and bend the knee...
  • Davos, Jon, and Sansa discus the letter they have received from Tyrion and whether Jon should go meet Daenerys or not. Davos makes a point to point out “fire kills White Walkers, and what Breathes Fire…?”
  • Cersei is trying to put together banner men to really behind her. He has many compelling arguments. Sam’s father points out that Daenerys has 3 full grown dragons, the same as Agon had when he conquered the 7 kingdoms.
  • Jamie convinces Sam’s father to fight for Cersei’s cause.
  • At the Citidel Sam and a maester are working on Jorah Mormont but the maester tell him it's too far gone and there is nothing that can be done. He tells Jorah that if he was a commoner he would have him shipped out right away. Being that he is a knight he will give him one more day. It is also implied he should kill himself with his sword.
  • Maester Qyburn shows Cersei his weapon to deal with the Dragons. It is a Giant Crossbow…
  • Daenerys’s council becomes impatient and want to bumrush Kings Landing. Tyrion and Daenerys want to do a more subtle approach. Take Casterly Rock and all the surrounding areas and force Cersei to quit (Basically). They all agree on Tyrion’s plan… Daenerys has a private word with Lady Olenna. Olenna tells Daenerys don’t be a sheep, be a Dragon…
  • Grey Worm and Missande have an intermit moment.
  • Sam tries to convince the maester to try and do something to help save Jorah but to no avail. Sam does the procedure on his own…
  • Arya meet her old travel companion Hotpie. He tells here that her brother Jon Snow is now the King of the North and the Starks have control of Winterfell again. Arya decides to change course from heading to Kings Landing to heading home.
  • Jon decides he will go himself to meet with Daenerys. Sansa will control the North while Jon is absent.
  • Arya meets up with another old friend but lets her be her (Nymeria)
  • Littlefinger is being well, Littlefinger again…
  • Euron Greyjoy attacks Yara’s fleet and Kills 2 of the Sandsnakes. Theon becomes Reek and, Euron takes everyone else and prisoners.

Wow this season is great so far. Next episode should be amazing. Basically everything that i predicted to happen last week happened. I’m predicting that Sam will heal Jorah, but end up getting touched by the Greyscale himself. Arya will reach Winterfell but come to the realization that Jon has already left. Littlefinger may not last very long… Daenerys will become a Dragon due to her plans not going exactly the way she planned. The last sand snake will die… Bran will head for Winterfell. Jamie heads to high-garden and the unsullied take Casterly Rock. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode.
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