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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 | Afterthoughts

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After a long and almost unbearable wait Game of Thrones has finally returned to TV. Here are afterthoughts of the most recent episode Dragonstone. If you didn't see Season 7 Episode 1, you will most likely be spoiled by this article.

Episode Breakdown
  • The show opens up in the Riverlands with Arya in Walder Frey face poisoning everyone who had a hand in the Red Wedding. 
  • The Dead is on the move, as Bran Stark finally reaches the wall. 
  • At Winterfell Jon Snow is holding a meeting with the north prepping for the war with the dead. To Littlefimger's pleasure Jon and Sansa squabble over what to do with the remaining Umbers and Carstarks. Cersei wants Jon Snow to come to King's Landing and bend the knee to her... It not happening... 
  • Cersei and Jamie go over plans on how to dominate the kingdoms. Jamie appears concerned about Cersei mental stability. Euron Greyjoy comes to King's Landing with a proposition for Cersei. She temporarily turns him down but he says he'll return with a gift for her. 
  • Sam is up at the citadel with a shitty job, literally. He doesn't have clearance to research the information he need. He eventually steals the keys and finds some info. 
  • Arya is Still in the Riverlands making her way south were she meets up with a small group of Lannister soldiers (which includes Ed Sheeran). She sits with them, shares a meal and seems slightly conflicted, as they humanize people she normally feel are her enemies. 
  • The Hound is still traveling with Beric Dondarrion and the brotherhood without banners. The come across a old shack where the hound has been before with Arya. Back then he stole money from the man and his daughter that lived there. Flash forward to now both the man and daughter are dead. It appears the father killed the daughter then himself so they no longer had to suffer. With Thoros's help the Hound overcomes some of his fears of fire and through the lord of light sees the army of the dead marching on to the wall. The hound buries the dead... 
  • Sam discovers that Dragonstone is full of dragon glass and prepares to send a letter to Jon. We learn that Jorah is also at the Citadel probably looking for treatment to the greyscale. 
  • Daenerys finally makes it home to Dragonstone.  

While there wasn't a lot of excitement going on in this episode it was still great. This episode served its purpose of placing the setting of this season, and you can kind of predict where the characters will be heading next. Arya is currently on a mission heading south to kill Cersei but probably will change course when she hears her family, well what's left of it has control of the north again. Also I feel she will find something she has let go in season  1 very soon. Something tell me she will just miss the reunion with Jon though, as he will be heading to Dragonstone to meet with Daenerys. Euron will be looking for that gift for Cersei, which is most likely be the sand snakes. Jamie will probably be heading to Highgarden... Sam will be sending a Raven to The Wall about the dragon glass being at Dragonstone. I'm hoping Bran after hearing that Jon Snow has control of Winterfell will return there and tell Jon his mother is Lyanna Stark and is father is Reygar Targaryen. This is wishful thinking though as I don't think Jon will ever know his true parentage. The Hound and the Brotherhood will be heading to the North

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