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Nintendo E3 Afterthoughts | E3 2017

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Nintendo Had a decent showing at E3 but it feels like they are getting shorter and shorter as the years go on.

Nintendo is keeping on its trend of doing prerecorded Nintendo E3 Directs that will showcase upcoming games coming to the Nintendo Switch and Its 3DS family of consoles. While some fans included myself feel slighted being that the Direct was only 24mins long, Nintendo held events throughout E3 to keep fans entertained.

The Good:
  • Nintendo Announced plenty of games that we will be able to get our hands on this year including Super Mario Odyssey.
  • Nintendo Announced some games to look forward too as well including Metroid Prime 3 and a main stream Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch.
  • Cross Platform Play on certain games including Minecraft and Rocket League!!!

The Bad:
  • 3rd Party Support is minimal for the Nintendo Switch.
  • No Virtual Console announcement
  • No info on Nintendo Online Service
  • No Info on Nintendo's Mobile app

The Ugly
  • Nintendo Treehouse hosts are boring AF. Nintendo should fire the lot of them. I rather of been watching Reggie, or even just the gameplay videos.
  • The thought that Nintendo has been pushing ARMS since they released the Nintendo Switch only to announce another fighting game that is much more appealing. Pokken Tournament…

All in all I wasn’t too impressed with Nintendo at this year’s E3. There was so much that they could have done but didn’t. Personally I guess that this is a strategy they are doing to keep the Nintendo Switch momentum flowing. Here’s my hypothesis; Nintendo sees no reason to announce new features, for the Nintendo switch yet due to console selling like hot cakes. Also, their stocks have been on a steady rise for almost a year now. Things are definitely looking on the up and up for them financially at the moment. They know they are safe with this momentum for at least the rest of the year due to Super Mario Odyssey will be releasing this October. My guess is Nintendo will Announce Online features for the Nintendo Switch in September, and Will announce the Virtual Console for the Nintendo Switch December or January.

E3 Report Card
Presentation - 3
Games - 4